[L5R 4e: Hearts and Souls] NPC Profile: Doji Haruko – Insecure Courtier

Posted: December 13, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Legend of the Five Rings, Roleplaying Games
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While I’m in the midst of preparations for the Hearts and Souls campaign, I’ve started statting up the various NPCs related to the player characters. Today we have Doji Haruko, the young courtier that has hired Hikkikomori‘s Ronin character as a yojimbo bodyguard.


Haruko was born a daughter to a tiny vassal family barely related to the Doji main branch in a remote village at the edge of Crane lands. Growing up, she displayed a remarkable memory and a keen mind, giving her parents hope that she could bring honor to their line by becoming a Courtier for the Clan.

Her parents could afford little, and so spent what they had and could borrow, so that they could have Haruko brought to the Doji school to learn. Haruko’s aptitudes pleased her teachers, but drew the ire of her classmates, most notably Doji Raika, who tormented Haruko mercilessly throughout their days in the Courtier school.

The ceaseless bullying and abuse has left quite an impression on the girl, and she now harbors confidence issues with regards to her ability in Court. Having successfully passing her Gempukku, Haruko is both looking forward to and dreading her first official posting as a Courtier.

Unfortunately, her family’s obscurity has made it difficult for her parents to negotiate for a Yojimbo from the Kakita family, and so they have instead paid for a Ronin to serve as a Yojimbo for their daughter.

Insight: 116 Next Rank: 150

Schools: Doji Courtier 1

Air 2
Reflexes 2
Awareness 4
Earth 2
Stamina 2
Willpower 2
Fire 2
Agility 2
Intelligence 3
Water 2
Strength 2
Perception 3
Void 2

*Calligraphy 2
*Courtier (Manipulation) 3
*Etiquette (Courtesy) 2
*Perform: Storytelling 2
*Perform: Song 1
*Sincerity 3
*Tea Ceremony 2
Kenjutsu 1

Honor: 6.5
Glory: 1
Status: 1

Calligraphy Set
Travelling pack
0 koku

Rank 1: The Soul of Honor

Clear Thinker 3pts
Precise Memory 3pts
Allies: Yojimbo 1pt (influence 0, Devotion 2)

Sworn Enemy 3pts – Doji Raika, School Rival
Doubt 4pts – Courtier
Survivor 4pts

  1. She looks interesting. I’m not familiar with the Survivor disadvantage though. What does it do?

    • Hi Anthony,

      The full name of the Disadvantage is “Ruined City Survivor” from Strongholds of the Empire, and represents someone posted to a location with very poor equipment and availability. I figured it was the closest thing to represent Haruko’s lack of material wealth and funding.

      Characters get no Koku as part of their starting Outfit and two items from their Outfit are missing as well.

      In Haruko’s case I took out the extra weapon, and the Extravagant Kimono, and dropped her Koku to 0.

    • Hikkikomori says:

      When I was building my character, Ragan, for our upcoming Crane campaign, I considered the Ruined City Survivor disadvantage, along with Broken Daisho (Katana -5 and Wakizashi -3) They are 3rd Ed. Disadvantages from what I’m told, and pointyman allowed them.
      Something to consider when you want to take the Disadvantage as well.


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