Kuro from Cubicle 7 is now available for Preorder!

Posted: November 15, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Kuro, Roleplaying Games
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Great news from the Kuro front!

Cubicle 7 has just announced that they are offering a Kuro PDF+Hardcover bundle for pre-orders. The bundle will cost $34.99 or roughly Php  1,435.00.

“The year is 2046, and something dark has returned to Japan. With an international blockade set up around the beleaguered country following the Kuro Incident, there is no escape. In addition to the meteorological side-effects of the Incident, some people have noticed a sharp rise in disturbing, mysterious and supernatural occurrences. The authorities refuse to acknowledge such obvious sensationalist delusions. Do you have the strength to face the nightmares?

Kuro is the core rulebook of a new near-future game setting influenced by unremitting Japanese horror. Dare you stare into the darkness?”

Pre-orderers will receive the PDF version of Kuro over the next week, and the hardcopy in January.

I’m very excited about this game and I’m actually eager to pick up a copy as soon as they release a pdf-only product as the setting promises to be pretty interesting, and I can never get enough inspirations for urban horror.

  1. Hikikkomori says:

    TT u TT ❤

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