Narrowing Down My Options: Campaign Ideas

Posted: November 7, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Roleplaying Games
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Hey guys, thanks to the feedback from the last article I’ve had some time to try putting together a few ideas of campaigns I could run. Unfortunately it’s still quite a list but I figure that writing it down somewhere can’t hurt. I’ll apologize ahead of time that these aren’t completely fleshed out ideas as they’re mostly raw notes scribbled down during brainstorming:

  • Scion: HERO – Scion has always been a great setting, but the Exalted-esque rules leave me cold. I’ve been thinking of ripping the premise and slapping it onto the HERO 6th Edition Ruleset to give players more freedom as to what they want to do with it.
  • XCONS Reboot – Rvelasco had a good premise for a sci-fi campaign of death row convicts thrown into a ship and sent into dangerous territories of known space on special missions but the game didn’t pan out. I was wondering if I could pick it up and run it.
  • Hong Kong Supers – Haven’t thought this one out completely, but was thinking of a supers game revolving around a superteam in Hong Kong, dealing with Asian culture, mysticism and ideas.
  • nMage Manila – Take nMage and slap it into Manila. Third world country with back-stabby politics and a powerful Spirit Court? It runs the risk of being an nMage Japan retread, but it might have merit.
  • Heavy Gear – No idea how feasible this is, but stompy mechs in the badlands sounds strangely appealing.
  • Bleeding Edge Cyberpunk – nWoD’s Bleeding Edge cyberpunk Shard has always been interesting to me, and nobody’s run Cyberpunk before so it might be interesting. The Challenge? World Building.
  • Fading Suns – Space Opera at it’s finest. No premise yet but it’s something that shouldn’t take too much brain power.
  • RuneQuest – Going through it now as a Let’s Study, and might be interesting for a heroic Sword & Sorcery game.
  • Qin: the Warring States – I’ve already got a campaign premise ready for this, but I didn’t end up running it before. Maybe now is a more auspicious time?

Huh, that’s a lot more games in my head than I realized. At least I’ve got them down in a list. Any particular ones you guys want to hear more about?

  1. Hikikkomori says:

    Bleeding Edge
    Hong Kong Supers
    nMage Manila

    Are my top 4.

  2. cokesakto says:

    Ah yes, playing Mage: The Awakening in Manila. Really compelling, and the concept of our world being a mish-mash of signs and symbols correspondent and hinting at actual truth is something that really works for this place. I’ve actually run an nMage Manila set mostly in Quiapo, which was absolutely the most fun. Really, I think the best thing about WoD is the ability to repurpose your hometown and turn it into something really special and full of mystery for your players. It also led to the one time where a little girl had a violent and confused Awakening, which led to some nasty cleanup for the Consillium. At risk of discovery, the Guardians were going to reluctantly soul-wipe her, but on the spot one of the PCs put forward his own life in exchange for the girl’s. They didn’t kill him, but they did lock away his memory, and made him forget about the fact that he was a mage (kind of a fate worse than death if you think about it). I goddamn near hugged my player after that.

    I think I’m most intrigued about a Scion game. I’ve always found it kind of a badass setup, but really intimidating to run. Like, more intimidating than Mage even! What setting are you planning on using?

    • For Scion I was thinking of doing a globetrotting adventure that kicks off from Las Vegas and jumps from worldly sites of worship to their celestial and infernal counterparts. It’ll be mostly an adventure-themed game so lots of ancient ruins, talking to Sphinxes, outsmarting gods and generally kicking butt.

      Also, your nWoD story is awesome, and your player is awesome.

  3. While I have opinions about what I would want to play, I am not part of your gaming group (sadly). Honestly, I will read with interest any of the paths your group ends up following.

  4. jatori says:

    Though I’m not part of your group, if I may be so bold, I also have a top 4:

    nMage Manila
    Bleeding Edge
    Hong Kong Supers

  5. My list of demands:

    1) nMage Manila
    2) Bleeding Edge
    3) Fading Suns
    4) Runequest
    5) L5R (I know it’s not in the list :P)

    ~Pointyman’s Waifu ♥

  6. Haxar says:

    My personal number one choice to see here would be the Scion: HERO conversion. Like you, I don’t think the system is great. In fact, something in me wants to take the whole game apart every time I think about it, for reasons too numerous to go into. So seeing someone take the setting and apply it to another system would be very interesting, especially with posts on fitting system to setting as well as playing the game 🙂

    Alternatively, Bleeding Edge Cyberpunk, Fading Suns or RuneQuest sound good too.

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