[Qin: the Warring States] Eight Swords of Vengeance – Research Mode… On!

Posted: September 11, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Campaign Design, Qin: the Warring States, Roleplaying Games

I’ve had a chance to pitch the idea of the Qin: the Warring States campaign “Eight Swords of Vengeance” to my players and it looks like a lot of people are interested in playing the game. I won’t be starting the game until two weeks from now at the earliest, giving me a lot of time to sit down and really do my research and planning for the game. The premise is a strong one, but without a sufficiently interesting cast of characters and a complex plot behind it, it’ll just fall into the category of a Kung Fu movie satire, which isn’t what I’m gunning for.

At this point I’m considering holding the game in the Southern State of Chu. It’s a massive territory in the Warring States, and has a vast amount of locations where I can set the game. I’ll also go and admit that part of the reason I chose the state is because of my own genealogy. While the state of Yue has already been destroyed and conquered by Chu at the start of the game, it’s still neat to think that my family could be traced that far back.

I also like the fact that the state of Yue was well known for it’s Metalworking and skill with the creation of weapons (like the Sword of Goujian), something that ties in very neatly with the title of the campaign.

Will I have Eight actual Swords forged for the player characters? Well, that’s something we’ll have to see when the game kicks off, won’t we?

Overall I’m still early into the research of the setting and the game, while listening to music from more recent Chinese movies and reading Blood & Steel to get me in the right mindset for it. After this, I might find myself working on building NPCs soon enough, with a focus on the eventual opponents of the player characters when the game starts.

  1. Hikkikomori says:

    “…the sword resides not in the hand but in the heart.”

    – Emepror of Qin (Hero; 2002)

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