[Let’s Study Qin: the Warring States] Conclusions and Review

Posted: August 28, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Let's Study, Qin: the Warring States, Roleplaying Games
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Qin: the Warring States is perhaps one of the most thoroughly researched Wuxia games out there today. Unlike other games that fall under the wuxia genre, Qin sticks very closely to the genre conventions set by wuxia novels and movies without going too far into the superheroic territory  that some other games have.

Qin does a remarkably good job at being able to communicate the setting of Zhongguo in a single book, examining the world from all facets, and serving as a near encyclopaedic reference that any GM with an even passing interest in that period of China’s history will benefit from. Furthermore, the team was able to do this without sinking into boring text, instead weaving in plot hooks and the occasional fantastic element to keep things interesting and unique.

The rules themselves are easy enough to learn, though there were a few spots where the character creation rules got a bit confusing ( The costs for buying Combat Techniques and Taos for example.) Aside from that minor nitpick, the system accounts for the “Wire-fu” cinematics and abilities with the Taos, a well thought out combat system that ties neatly to the combat skills and no less tahn four different magic systems, each with their own spin on things.

The book also provides everything you need to get a campaign up and running. With a bestiary of creatures both normal and supernatural, a few factions that will work with (and against) the player characters and a complete scenario for new groups that want to try the system, Qin has a little of everything needed to get people started in what is admittedly a genre that could be intimidating to run and play at first glance.

Qin: the Warring States has some lovely artwork, all of which is fully in line with pushing the look and feel of the setting. Nothing feels artificial or forced in the artwork, and the artists were given a lot of reference material to work with.

Would I recommend Qin: the Warring States? Absolutely. The Wuxia genre is woefully underrepresented in RPGs, and Qin is an excellent game to show off the strengths of the genre.

Qin: the Warring States is available from DriveThruRPG for $24.99 or roughly Php 1075.00

  1. Very nice, thorough, look through the game. I’ve heard of Qin a bunch of times, but I’ve never checked it out. It sounds pretty interesting, though. I think the same team is behind Yggdrassil, the Viking RPG from Cubicle7.

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