Fading Suns Player’s Guide (Revised Edition) now available on DriveThruRPG!

Posted: August 27, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Fading Suns, Roleplaying Games
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With Blue Planet now out, Fading Suns couldn’t be far behind. Not to be confused with Redbrick’s Fading Suns Second Edition Revised, this new book is the latest core release of a new edition of the awesome Fading Suns setting.

Nobles… Priests… Aliens… Knights

It is the dawn of the sixth millenium and the skies are darkening, for the suns themselves are fading. Humans reached the stars long ago, building a Republic of high technology and universal emancipation — and then squandered it, fought over it, and finally lost it.

Fading Suns is a saga of humanity’s fate among the stars — a space fantasy game of deadly combat, vicious politics, weird occultism, alien secrets and artifacts, and unknown and unmapped worlds.

The Fading Suns Player’s Guide contains rules for character creation, skills, traits, psychism, theurgy, technology, cybernetics, starships, and much, much more!

Fading Suns Player’s Guide™
Revised Edition Core Rulebook
Published by FASA Games, Inc.
Format: 384 pages, ~6″ x 9″, B+W Interior

This core rulebook is for Players and Game Masters. For a complete Known Worlds game experience, the GM will require a copy of the Fading Suns Game Master’s Guide (due out in December 2012).

Fading Suns, Noble Armada, and Fading Suns Player’s Guide are trademarks of Holistic Design, Inc. Fading Suns Second Edition Edition material copyright © 1999–2012 Holistic Design, Inc. FASA and the FASA logo are trademarks of FASA Corporation, and are used under license. Published by FASA Games, Inc. under license from Holistic Design, Inc. — Made in the USA. Copyright © 2012 Holistic Design, Inc. All rights reserved.

If you’re a fan of Space Opera, or looking for a sci-fi game that can handle anything from politicking great houses to Alien-esque suspense / horror, you can’t go wrong with picking up Fading Suns.

Fading Suns Player’s Guide (Revised Edition) is now available on DriveThruRPG for $20.99 or roughly Php 945.00

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