[D&D Next] Sample Character: Tathar Tasartir

Posted: August 15, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Dungeons & Dragons, Roleplaying Games

Here’s a guest post from frequent commenter and member of my gaming group: Hikkikomori. He’s put together a pretty non-standard looking character that does raise a few questions as to what kind of twisted upbringing could have resulted in this sort of character.

Tathar Tasartir

Ability Scores:
4 6-sided dice, total 3.
Rolled: 8, 13, 18, 9, 15, 15

STR 09    -1
DEX 19    +4 Rogue +1
CON 13    +1
INT 16    +3 High Elf  +1
WIS 08    -1
CHA 15    +2

Race: Elf
Low-Light Vision
Elf Weapon Training
Keen Senses
Free spirit

High Elf
INT +1
Cantrip: Choose 1 Minor Spell
Shocking Grasp

Class: Rogue
Str, Dex, or Int +1
HP: 6 + CON mod
Armor/Shield Prof.: Light armor
Weap. Prof: Basic, Finesse, Simple/Martial missile weapons

Class Features:
HD: 1d6 per Rogue lvl
HP: 1d6 (or 4) + CON mod per Rogue lvl

Level 1:
Theives’ Cant
Interpret and communicate thief signs and language.

Skill Mastery
When using skill, use Abil Mod or +3, whichever is higher

Sneak Attack
When Advantage, deal sneak attack damage / 1 per round

Rogue Scheme:
Bad Reputation

Background: Sage
Specialty: Necromancer
Level 1: Aura of Souls

 My thoughts on the August Playtest Package is: I’m loving the options.
I like the direction that they are going; that not all options don’t necessarily have mechanical benefits. Its a bit of hand-holding having to explain to Players the advantages of having certain backgrounds, but its a good start.
HP calculation is lower, which is good. Since I have a serious gripe with games that have insane amounts of HP. Attacking a dragon’s foot is not the same as dropping a stalactite on its head. Not to mention, having a lot of HP makes Players/PCs reckless. Since it promotes meta-gaming by HP counting.
I’m still wary regarding the return of Attacks of Opportunity. Since that’s one of the avenues where D&D multi-attacks went awry.
All-in-all. D&D Next seems to be shaping up nicely. Its not as crunchy as more mechanics-minded players might like it to be. But at least now it caters to the other spectrum of non-mechanics heavy gamers.
  1. beej! says:

    Hey, pointyman!

    We have differing opinions on player hp. In this round of playtesting, it starts out too low, but ends up being too con dependent (+con mod every level -> quicker hp disparities between characters who invest heavily in con and those who don’t in high levels). I can see a scenario where crunch-savvy players will be hp meatbags as gameplay goes on.

    Here’s an (admittedly somewhat extreme) example: https://plus.google.com/b/103723249437876216124/103723249437876216124/posts/GZpXDhjMFDt

    That wizard build has 54 hp at 5th level, whereas the pregen wizard in the playtest packet will likely only get to 26hp unless it invests in more con and toughness feats.

    I much prefer the 1st round’s hp calculation, which was essentially con score + HD roll, with every level up being the higher of con mod or the HD roll (although I would probably get rid of the reliance to the con mod). That way, level 1 players are survivable, which is important for new players who just spent 30minutes making their very first D&D character. But at the same time, it doesn’t advance to astonishingly high numbers as they advance in level despite high con scores.

  2. ryan haviland says:

    Hi, I’m a new dungeons and dragons fanatic, I’ve been doing a lot of research and reading lately and watching videos on youtube on the mechanics and game play and have decided to buy my very 1st DnD board game. I’ve googled it online, however, Neutral grounds no longer has it i think (if they ever did in the 1st place), so i was hoping you guys could tell me where to get it, what to buy, and where other Dnd people can meet and play. Thank you.

    • Hi Ryan!

      Welcome to the blog! I’m afraid Neutral Grounds no longer carries RPGs as part of their regular inventory. That said you have an option of ordering them via Fully Booked. D&D gamebooks are still technically books and special ordering them from Fully Booked’s customer service counter is a good way to score the books you need.

      With regards to finding a community check out the GM database in the links above my page for a few GMs who have volunteered their contact information for new players looking to play. Many of those guys are old hands at D&D and will be more than willing to teach you how to play or run a game for you.

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