Let’s Study: The Septieme Cercle Edition – Qin and Yggdrasill

Posted: July 26, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Let's Study, Roleplaying Games
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Hey guys,

I figure it might be time to try my hand at another round of Let’s Study articles. This time we’re still on an Alternate History kick, but focusing on one particular team that’s been churning out some very nice work. Cubicle 7 has been responsible for the English Language versions of two awesome Alt History games: Qin: the Warring States and Yggdrasill. Featuring excellent artwork and layout and matched with a historian’s eye towards replicating a given time period, while still infusing it with the kind of potential for adventure that gamers look for, these are excellent games.

If any of you guys want to read along, both games are also available in this weeks’ Christmas in July Sale from DriveThruRPG for 25% off for discounted price of $18.74 (PHP 844.00) each!

Of course, the only question left is, which one do I start with? Weigh in on which game gets the first turn to get the Let’s Study treatment starting this Monday! This poll closes on Sunday July 29th.

  1. And of course, i went for vikings!

  2. Tarus says:

    The map of Yggdrasill is as beautiful as useless. It doesn’t include a lot of important locations, and the lack of a scale make the problem even worse. It’s so bad that the spanish editor of the game, Holocubierta Ediciones, is working with 7eme Cercle to create a useful one due to player’s complaints.

    I’d recommend to take a look from time to time to this forum, where the project is being developed (it should be finished in the following days):


    It’s a map, so language shouldn’t be an issue.

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