[White Wolf] New Release Schedule Looks Amazing

Posted: July 25, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Roleplaying Games, World of Darkness

I’m pretty sure that a lot of the White Wolf fans have seen this but they’ve put out a release schedule for products that they expect to come out, and I am stoked. Here it is below (With my comments in red) as taken from http://theonyxpath.com/schedule/

WoD – Falling Scales #2: The second and final part of the Falling Scales linked adventures continues to ratchet up the danger as the players discover more secrets of the World of Darkness. 40 pages. PDF/PoD.

VTM – V20 Companion: Additional material for V20. Expanded looks at titles, prestation, technology. A tour of the world with places of significance to Kindred described. 45,000 words/ 64 pages. PDF/PoD. V20 matching deluxe edition.

August 2012

VTR – Silent Knife: A novel for the World of Darkness and Vampire: The Requiem, previously posted on the White Wolf site. 300+ pages, 6″ x 9″ PDF/PoD/ePub.

VTR – Blood Sorcery: Sacraments and Blasphemies: This book explores the secrets of how vampires use blood in mystic rituals: new powers, in-depth histories of blood cults and infamous sorcerers. 80 pages. PDF/PoD.

VTM – Book of Nod: Restoration Edition: For the first time, the Book of Nod has been restored with new files that perfectly replicate the first edition, but cleaned up so that the text can all be read, and many previously-lost details of the art are finally able to be discerned.PDF/PoD.

September 2012

MTC – Mummy: The Curse: The World of Darkness from the point of view of the Deathless, ancient keepers of the Curse. 264 pages. PDF/PoD/ Deluxe Kickstarter.

Been looking forward to Mummy: the Curse for a while now ever since they started releasing the previews / teasers. The themes of memory and rediscovering the past are hitting all the right notes for me so I’m certainly going to pick this up.

MTC – Mummy: The Curse SAS: A separate release of the SAS contained in the main book. 40 pages. PDF/PoD.

VTM – Children of the Revolution: This book explores the lives of vampires created during or part of moments in history where Revolution ran wild. Woven throughout are more secrets and hidden history of the already established background for Vampire: The Masquerade. 120 pages. PDF/PoD/Deluxe Kickstarter.

October 2012

MTAw – The Left-Handed Path: The Legacies disdained and feared by doctrinaire mages. Heretics and Apostates, The Mad, the Scelesti, and Reapers. They embrace madness, steal souls, or worship the Abyss. 96 pages. PDF/PoD.

Finally, been looking for a MTAw equivalent of the old Book of Madness for a while now. Sure Banishers have their own thing, but the Scelesti should bring a whole new world of sick and twisted to Mage: the Awakening. Another definite puchase for me.

WTA – Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition: In style and philosophy, a matching volume to V20. Developed by Ethan Skemp w/ Bill Bridges and Eddy Webb. 500+ pages. PDF/PoD/ Deluxe Kickstarter.

WTA – The Skinner: An SAS adventure to be playtested and used by the official playtest team The Wrecking Crew at conventions throughout convention season. Features the arch-villian Sam Haight as he was originally: a driven mortal willing to slaughter Garou in order to become one of them by wearing their skins. 40 pages. PDF/PoD.

November 2012

MTC – Guildhalls of the Deathless: This book delves deeper into the factions within the Mummies, the Guilds, with new Merits and powers and detailed background information. Also offers the first “chapter” of a three-part adventure designed to lead from supplement to supplement in a three-part story arc. 160 pages. PDF/PoD.

CWoD/VTM – Hunters Hunted 2: One of the seminal CWoD books, revised and updated for V20, featuring a look at the organizations around the world who hunt, study, hide the truth about the Kindred. 120 pages. PDF/PoD/Deluxe Kickstarter.

MTAs – Convention Book: New World Order: As promised, this book is one of those in the Convention Book series that wasn’t finished when cWoD ended, and which has been clamored for ever since. 84 pages. PDF/PoD.

AUGH, just after I’ve sold majority of my hardcopies of my Mage: the Ascension collection, they come along and start printing the Technocracy Convention Books that I’ve been longing for since the line ended so long ago. Still, getting them on PDF doesn’t sound so bad…

December 2012

WoD – God Machine Chronicle Fiction Anthology: This volume combines already-published stories from previous World of Darkness sourcebooks, and unreleased ones leading up to and hinting at the God Machine Chronicle that touch on the fear and horror that lurks within the World of Darkness. 300+ pages. 6″ x 9″ PDF/PoD/ePub.

WTA – Book of Changing Breeds: A deeper look at the Fera building on the info in W20. 160 pages. PDF/PoD/Deluxe Kickstarter.

VTM – Anarchs Unbound: A revisitation of the old Anarch Cookbook, Anarchs Unbound examines the large scale of the Anarch experience (domains, the Movement inside other sects’ domains, overthrowing tyrants) on down through the local and personal scale of the Anarchs (being in an Anarch brood or coterie, “growing up Anarch,” converting from other sects, and maintaining deep cover or nomadic Anarch ideals). 120 pages. PDF/PoD/Deluxe Kickstarter.

Exalted – Exalted Third Edition: The new edition of Exalted developed by the current team who have united and energized the fans, and featuring the return of original developer Geoff Grabowski; this edition will rekindle the original excitement of the setting, while the systems will be fine-tuned, balanced, and playtested more rigorously than any White Wolf product ever before. 400 pages. PDF/PoD/Deluxe Kickstarter.

Okay, here’s a big release if I ever saw one. I love you Exalted, but your second edition rules were too much for me. Seeing Geoff Grabowski back on the helm should be interesting, and I’m praying that now that they’ve got a chance to fix things, it really does turn out to be a fine-tuned, balanced and hopefully easy to play game. I’ll probably pick this up even if it turns around and breaks my heart again like 2nd edition did. I’m a masochist this way.

January 2013

MTC – Book of the Deceived: The sixth, Lost Guild that are the dark reflections of the Cursed. Here is where we explore their true history and beliefs and provide all the info necessary for them to be played as characters. Also contains the second “chapter” of the story arc adventure with focus on the Sixth Guild menace. 120 pages. PDF/PoD.
February 2013

VTR – Strix Chronicle Fiction Anthology: As with the World of Darkness Anthology, this one contains classic and new Vampire: The Requiem fiction that teases the new Strix Chronicle and provides a richer look at the terror created by the fear of these malevolent spirits. 300+ pages. 6″ x 9″. PDF/PoD/ePub.

WTA – W20 Rage Across the World: Similar in content to the V20 Companion, this book will pull together lose ends and expand on several topics from W20, all based on a “travelogue” that provides deepened backstory to the struggle of the Garou. 120 pages. PDF/PoD/Deluxe Kickstarter.

Exalted – Arms of the Chosen: The definitive tome of artifact weapons and armor for the Exalted. Arms expands and develops the Evocation system introduced in the corebook, by which the Chosen may derive unique Charms from artifacts, giving them a whole new layer of power and themes to explore. The book will feature not only a much wider selection of weapons and armor than the corebook, but it will also have a section dedicated to Warstriders. 64 pages. PDF/PoD.

March 2013

WoD – The God Machine Chronicle: This book combines both setting and rules info to create a default Chronicle for the World of Darkness that still allows the sandbox play that the WoD is known for. The Chronicle focuses on the legends of the God Machine that first captivated readers’ interest in the WoD core rulebook, and presents a world darkened by its presence. The general history and specific rules changes of this Chronicle set the stage for the release of Demon: The ??? in August. 264 pages. PDF/PoD/Deluxe Kickstarter.

Holy crap. The God Machine was one of the best bits of the nWoD corebook and seeing it spun off into a chronicle is crazy fun. Also DEMON? I stopped short of running it before, but it was a beautiful book. Will the new one for nWoD be the one to send me over the Abyss?

MTAs – Convention Book: Progenitors: As promised, this book is one of those in the Convention Book series that wasn’t finished when cWoD ended and which has been clamored for ever since. 84 pages. PDF/PoD.

April 2013

MTC – Sothis Ascends: This book examines the Sothic Turn; the cycle of existence that the Mummies live and die within. Since their creation, there have been five Turns and each is examined: one part historical setting, one part grab-bag of artifacts, powers, and antagonists. Also presents the final “chapter” of the three-part adventure, with thematic content relating to the Turns. 160 pages. PDF/PoD.

VTM – Rites of Blood: In simplest form, this is a collection of rituals practiced among the various Kindred sects. This isn’t just powers, but an examination of the sects themselves and how they use their eldritch mystical arts. There’s room for the major and minor sects: The Thaumaturgy of the Camarilla Tremere, the priestly rites and witchy sorcery of the Sabbat, the creepy and alien practices of the Tal’Mahe’Ra, “street” rituals from the Anarch contingent, and some of the mysterious ways of the Inconnu. And, of course, the sorceries of the Assamites and Setites, and new necromancies for the Giovanni. 120 pages. PDF/PoD/Deluxe Kickstarter.

Exalted – The Realm: Covers the Scarlet Empire in the current era. Unlike its predecessors, this book does not end at the shores of the Blessed Isle, but covers Realm satrapies in the Threshold and beyond. It will provide a deep exploration of Dragon-Blooded society and what it means to be a Dynast, including the Immaculate Philosophy, the beliefs and histories that guide the morality of the Realm and unite the Dragon-Blooded host against the avarice of the gods and the power of the Anathema. A large part of this book will be devoted to detailing the houses of the Dynasty, updating and enlivening with intention of making the houses as tantalizing as Kindred Clans in terms of iconicism and player association and appeal. 160 pages. PDF/PoD

May 2013

MTAw/MTAs – Mage Translation Guide: Provides the ability to translate characters from Mage: The Ascension to Mage: The Awakening and vice versa. 50 pages. PDF/PoD.

WTA – W20 Book of the Wyrm: Creatures and spirits to challenge the Garou, including revised and collected info and backstory on such things as Pentex and Black Dog Game Factory. 160 pages. PDF/PoD/Deluxe Kickstarter.
June 2013

VTR – The Strix Chronicle: This book combines both setting and rules info to create a default Chronicle for Vampire: The Requiem that still allows the sandbox play that the World of Darkness is known for. The Chronicle focuses on the legends of the Strix — the owl spirits that prey on vampires. A threat unique to Vampire and used to great effect in the historical Rome books, this book will show the effects of a world where the threat of their return has warped vampire society. Will contain default tweaks to the rules and in-depth history and backstory of just such a setting. 264 pages. PDF/PoD/Deluxe Kickstarter.

MTAs – Convention Book: Syndicate: As promised, this book is one of those in the Convention Book series that wasn’t finished when cWoD ended and which has been clamored for ever since. 84 pages. PDF/PoD.

Exalted – Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought: This book introduces the Dragon-Blooded for the first time in Third Edition, including character creation rules and the Dragon-Blooded Charm set. What Fire Has Wrought is the first indicator of the dynamic new “novel” feel of Exalted, of amped-up Storytelling, with each book as a chapter in the legend of the game. This book will give an iconic view of the Dragon-Blooded, showing their creation as the armies of the Celestial Host and detailing their place in the current era. It will feature some further details of the Realm as well as Lookshy and other locales where Dragon-Blooded are prominent. Overall, it will focus on the legend of the Dragon-Blooded and the fires they have had to walk through to get to where they are, as Creation’s premiere, dominant Exalted. 220 pages. PDF/PoD Hardcover/Deluxe Kickstarter.

July 2013

DTF/DT? – Demon Translation Guide: Provides the ability to translate characters from Demon: The Fallen to Demon: The ??? and vice versa. 50 pages. PDF/PoD.

MTAs – Convention Book: Void Engineers: As promised, this book is one of those in the Convention Book series that wasn’t finished when cWoD ended and which has been clamored for ever since. 84 pages. PDF/PoD.

August 2013

DT? – Demon: The ???: A new game line, answering many fan requests; a new look at those creatures of fire and darkness: fallen angels, nightmares from the nether realms, servants of the God Machine or something else entirely? Includes codified rule sets of those rules developed over the last few years including: Shards, SASs, Tiers as well as a rich background for players to immerse themselves in. 320 pages. PDF/PoD Hardcover/ Deluxe Kickstarter.

Here we go. Looks like the nWoD demon will be more open ended rather than the old Demon which really was about the Fallen Angels. Might give this one a shot.

VTM – Blood Diaries of the Clans: This volume would revisit the Clans as a collection of mini-clanbooks, with each clan’s subsection arranged in the same format. This title would give many new story hooks, character concepts, history, and clan-specific crunch that pairs rules with setting. In particular, the combo Disciplines, which were not covered in V20 but have been requested again and again. 240 pages. PDF/PoD/Deluxe Kickstarter.

That’s a massive schedule, perhaps one of the busiest I’ve seen from White Wolf in a while (or I haven’t been paying enough attention lately.) I’m a little saddened that Mage: the Awakening hasn’t gotten as many releases as I’ve hoped, but with the M20 idea in the pipeline I’m still happy. Mummy: the Curse, Demon: the ??? and Exalted 3rd are all big releases for me, and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for those. I’m not adverse to putting up a Let’s Study series for each of those either.

Time to start saving up!

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  2. yamasaki says:

    Not too keen on the VTM releases… I mean, another blood magic sourcebook?!! Will probably get Hunters Hunted 2, though. As for the other releases, I’m interested in:

    Exalted 3rd Edition (I want to give this RPG a chance, so much potential, but alas, too convuluted at times)
    the new Demon (might also try to get a copy of the old Demon as well)
    God Machine Chronicle (the fiction got me hooked in the new WoD… woohoo!)

    • I guess people really like their Blood Magic, the same way that the Mage people were demanding the Technocracy Convention Books.

      I’m willing to bite the bullet and get Exalted 3. I’ve bought the first two and I’m hoping that the 3rd will be when the game will finally win me over again.

  3. Jack says:

    Huh. I’d about given up on MtAw, but if they’re doing a conversion guide and releasing the old Convention books we never got, maybe I’ll re-evaluate…

  4. Glad to see that White Wolf’s churning out some new releases. I look forward to Exalted 3, maybe this will make me want to play Exalted again. Not sure how I feel about translating Mage:As to Mage:Aw, since I didn’t really like Mage:As to begin with. Too much Neo on LSD.

  5. Hikkikomori says:


    I am prepared to respect my elders… as long as they respect me,

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