Is It Time For A Philippine Game Design Resource Directory?

Posted: July 19, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Game Design, Local Scene, Roleplaying Games

I’ve been thinking about putting up something like a resource page for people here in the Philippines who are looking to try their hand at game design. The idea isn’t completely fully formed in my head, but it’s something of a directory where interested freelancers can post their contact details and samples of their work if they’re willing to do some stuff for games.

Artists are an obvious target audience for this but editors, playtesters, freelance writers and game designers are all welcome to add their contact details as well. What I’m hoping to put together is a showcase and network, so that when someone like me wants to try and make a game, I have one place where I can go to when I’m looking for someone to make interior artwork for a game, edit my work or playtest my game.

I’m not sure how big the pen and paper game development community is here in the Philippines, but I’m sure that there are more than a few of us who have always wanted to come out with a game of our own, especially now that I’m elbows deep into a new game’s development and I’m setting my sights a little higher.

  1. shawabtis says:

    Sites like Deviant Art are great places to meet the kinds of artists you are looking for, and I’m sure there are other similar artist sites. I’m not positive on game designers, but I know they’re out there… maybe professional sites like linkedin or something similar. Valid playtesters who give feedback might be a problem. I’ve seen a lot of homebrew games, but I’ve never seen legitimate feedback from these games (most have obvious flaws and sites are not always current). You seem to have a good following here and your site is very current, maybe you could post links to homemade rpgs or portions of rules and ask for feedback.

  2. Please feel free to check out/link to/utilize my Intelligent Design Series. You might like it!

  3. Bulwayen says:

    Hey man! I’ve been snooping around your site for a while. I’m technically new to TRPGs but I’m very much familiar with Dungeons & Dragons (I collect Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance and Dark Sun books). I wanted to play it for a while but like most, I don’t know where to start- I have no figurines no dice, no books. I saw a Castle Ravenloft set for sale at sulit, bought it and downloaded the quickstart rules and trashed the adventure book to make my own. I’ve been a DM in a few games and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    But realizing how expensive Dungeons & Dragons can be, I made my own system that strays from the likes of d20 RPGs. The player’s guidebook is almost done (it’s only missing a few parts) and I have art for it too. The game is based on a pre-Hispanic Philippine and our various mythologies.

    I’d like to participate in this directory of yours 😀

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