[Mummy: the Curse] A Discussion of Affinities

Posted: June 21, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Mummy: the Curse, Roleplaying Games, World of Darkness

Mummy: the Curse continues to release little spoilers for everyone, this time moving to less flashy displays of magic. Last week’s Utterance example was pretty powerful, so we’re looking at something a little more scaled down. CAS talks a bit about it today.

Hi, gang. Last week, we introduced the concept of the Utterance — the most powerful magic at a mummy’s command. This week, we take a look at a more common, daily-use type of power the Arisen call the Affinity.

The radiant Sekhem within mummies anoints them with improbable good fortune and preternatural competence. This is no accident. The Arisen believe the capacity to manifest these Affinities to have been built directly into the Rite of Return, empowering them with the tools needed to fulfill their intended purpose. Unlike most forms of supernatural power, Affinities do not require training or a teacher and aren’t really learned in a conventional sense. Instead, they manifest reflexively (i.e., get added to a character sheet at the moment of purchase), whether during character creation or by paying experience. Often as not, the Arisen do not know they have a new Affinity until the magic first creates an effect or could do so, at which time they intuit their new capabilities. Many mummies are just as surprised by the Affinities they manifest as is the rest of the world.

Radiant Lifeforce

Prerequisites: [redacted] 2

Effect: The Arisen’s name is a secret beacon of lifeforce, sharing some small measure of its immortality with those around her. This provides the following mystical benefits:

• She may voluntarily suffer one point of aggravated damage to remove one temporary derangement from her mind. This damage leaves no mark on her, manifesting as painful lethargy. However, the spiritual exhaustion can still kill her in conjunction with other injuries.

• All living beings capable of purchasing Quick Healer within ([redacted] x 100) yards temporarily gain that Merit. Their players may keep the blessing permanently by spending experience, provided the character has sufficient Stamina. In such cases, exposure to Sekhem unexpectedly transforms and uplifts their lives. Mortals that already have Quick Healer don’t heal any faster within the mummy’s radiance.

• Her player can pay one Willpower point while she is touching an Incapacitated character, stabilizing that character’s condition as an instant action. He will not worsen unless he suffers additional injuries.

An interesting thing to note in today’s preview is the fact that the Affinity is surprisingly un-flashy. The fact that the Arisen sometimes don’t even know that they have a given Affinity is proof of how subtle this thing is. It affects them at their very nature, it seems, and might be an interesting take on rediscovering powers that you already knew you had before your Memories faded away…

  1. Hikkikomori says:

    Holy Mother of Mummies!


    I just hope they manage to balance the abilities so that they don’t bloat like that of those in Scion and Exalted.

    Or else, they’ll be on the top of the hit-list of most supernatural beings. Worldly or otherwise.

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