[Mage: the Awakening Actual Play] Endangered Species Episode 9

Posted: June 17, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Actual Play, Articles, Mage: the Awakening, Roleplaying Games

Last night’s game almost didn’t happen. Due to some shakeups with regards to attendance, and player roster the team is now composed of three regular players and two possibly intermittent ones. So for the next few games we’re looking at Silver Countess (playing Amaya), Hikkikomori (playing Masamune) and Sheimaruen (playing Reimu) as the core team. Unfortunately it was also a rather short game, but one that brought some kind of closure to one of the story arcs that had been following Reimu for a while now.

Reimu met up with Antoinette du Winter of the Justice Knights to ask about the Portuguese grimoire that her erstwhile classmate, Katsuhiko Jinnai stole from his mentor and  used. Du Winter was happy to share her knowledge, talking about how the grimoire was one that contained a Daemon, a mental construct that was supposed to push a given mage to realize his full potential. Reimu dodged a few questions with regards to how she came upon that knowledge and excused herself, calling Amaya to look for advice.

Amaya and Reimu met up with Masamune in his Host Club, booking him for a few hours to keep up appearances. Reimu took Jinnai with her, and the group started talking about the situation at large. Reimu asked the others to keep it a secret, and revealed the rather unique nature of her relationship with Jinnai. Amaya put the pieces together, and Reimu talked about how she and  Jinnai were now bound in Destiny… but she had a plan that would solve everything.

Jinnai for his part was already stuck between a rock and a hard place. Given that he stole a grimoire and was (somewhat justifiably) paranoid about what the other Mages would do to him, he was willing to try anything so that he could become a real Mage. Amaya was somewhat alarmed but held her tongue. Jinnai was showing a lot of mental strain and more than a few signs of being psychologically disturbed. His obsession with magic, nihilistic outlook on life and failure to connect with other people in a human level all spoke of someone who could be a danger to himself and to others.

Nevertheless Reimu told them that her plan was simple, and could be executed with the proper know-how. All they needed was a location with a strong destiny. With no small amount of reservation the team headed to one such place… Tokyo Tower.

The group didn’t have a hard time getting into the Tokyo Tower after closing hours, and Reimu started the ritual. The summoning ritual involved tapping into the Supernal Realms by virtue of the Mage’s own awakening, using the sympathy to her path to call a Supernal Being from there. It wasn’t easy, but with Reimu’s sheer determination (and luck) they were able to succeed in the necessary preparations, calling upon a Supernal Being of Fate. Without wards or bindings or any sort of protective measures.

The creature they called had a strange and translucent form, whose visage was shifting as it turned to each and every one of them. When facing Reimu, it manifested the appearance of her father. In front of Amaya, it showed the face of her Mentor and her own Father, and finally to Masamune, it manifested the face of the woman he killed upon his awakening.

Reimu bargained with the creature, asking it to bring Jinnai to Arcadia, that Jinnai could get a fair crack at Awakening. The creature seemed more amused than anything else, seizing Jinnai and drawing out the magic that was tied to the boy by the fluke of destiny. It offered the magic back to Reimu, who refused it, in payment for Jinnai. The creature swallowed the magic taking it into itself, pleased at the outcome and dragged the boy into the Supernal Realm of Arcadia, but not before delivering a warning that their home is being stifled, people are no longer trying, wasting their potential.

The game ended there, admittedly a very heavy focus on Reimu, but it did manage to tie off the issue with Jinnai. The boy is in Arcadia now, a  Supernal Realm of Time and Fate, an impossibly large place where the Tower of the Lunargent Thorn waited for him. Only time can tell if the boy has what it takes to become a mage the hard way.

  1. Hikkikomori says:

    Masamune had his back to the fire exit the entire time. Because not only does both he nor his Player – me – have any idea how Fate arcana works, much more how to handle an Avatar of Fate. Heh.

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