[D&D Next] Welcome To The Edition Wars, Private

Posted: June 7, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Dungeons & Dragons, Roleplaying Games

It’s finally happened. Your favorite edition of the game is winding up to a close, and there’s all this scary talk of a new edition.

What’s worse, they’ve given you a preview into the next game… and it is terrible.

Everything you’ve enjoyed has been defiled by the very people you trusted for your entertainment. There’s no tomorrow for your favorite game. No more supplements to wait for, and soon even the fanbase will shrink. Soon nobody will be playing the game you love anymore.

Welcome to the edition wars, Private.

There’s plenty of us that have seen more than our fair share of action in the front lines of this kind of conflict. I’ve been up there in the 2nd Edition vs. Revised Mage: the Ascension edition war fighting bitterly for my side as if everything depended on it. I flung hate and vitriol in electronic format on every front: mailing lists, forums, and even chat rooms. When time took its toll and the grind towards new editions finally eroded those on both sides, everyone pretty much came to the same conclusion:

Edition wars are pointless.

But that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t feel anything about it. Emotions are a natural part of being a human being. It’s okay to feel bad or upset over things like these. People in general reacts poorly to any sort of change. But you know what else people are capable of?

Simple human courtesy.

It’s entirely possible to express that you don’t like something, in a manner that doesn’t insult the people who do.

Robin D. Laws hit the nail on the head perfectly when he posted “Consider That Stolen, Music Fan“. It’s a brilliant means of acknowledging a simple, honest truth: personal taste is ultimately subjective. There’s plenty of room in the hobby for people who like different things, and that’s one of the best things about this hobby.

So put the gun down, and let’s talk it over.

  1. dbro36 says:

    I deliberately decided not to download the play test version, as I didn’t want to get into trouble with writing my own rules set, so I wouldn’t know how the current version plays so far…

    But I am probably going to buy the finished product anyways, even though I really have no desire to. I sold off all my 3.5 stuff, want to sell off my 4e core books, so why bother? I even have my own game system that is a ton of fun.

    I guess D&D just does that to people… It strikes a nerve it really shouldn’t be able to strike. But it does anyways…

    Oh well, at least I can save up for it.

  2. […] A  nice, succinct opinion piece on how silly the Edition Wars are […]

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