[Genre Blender] Neon Blades – A Cyberpunk Wuxia Campaign Setting

Posted: May 18, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Campaign Design, Roleplaying Games

I’ll confess to having a tendency to enjoy mixing Genres to see what comes out. While brainstorming what to write about today, it occurred to me that Cyberpunk and Wuxia would make a really interesting setting rife with opportunities for kickass gaming.

Stay with me here. Let’s take a moment to break down the common elements of both Genres:

  • Corrupt / Failed Governments
  • Powerful and Selfish Merchant Class
  • Renegade Heroes
  • Twisted Villains
  • Oppressed Masses

So what have we got? Enough to start building a setting. In my head, I’m getting a very Deus Ex take on things, cyborg enhanced limbs allow for “wire-fu” stunts, while secret techniques and technologies make up for the rest of the fighting styles. Guns are still present (and useful) but some of the most fearsome fighting styles rely on the damage output of cybernetic limbs paired with mastery over martial arts.

In fact, entire schools of martial arts might arise based on different body types of cyborgs, taking advantage of unique physiological traits and the various advantages that can be exploited.

Secrets, both Corporate and Martial are highly prized in the underworld, and many of the Xia, wandering adventurers and mercenaries named after the heroes of the old Wuxia stories, take on various jobs from assassination to theft, sabotage, or other clandestine activities.

Essentially take on the high stakes of Shadowrun and add in the Wuxia aesthetic and honor codes held by the Xia and let the players loose. Player characters can be a multitude of concepts, from a highly prized escort, to a stealth-suit wearing Assassin, or a drunkard bruiser. Definitely lots of fun, and a setting ripe for all sorts of games.


  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • Battle Angel Alita / GUNM
  • Wuxia Novels
  1. dbro36 says:

    Go for it. I think the picture in the youtube link fits the theme very well too! So what are your plans? Is it going to be a BADASS supplement?

  2. Sounds cool to me. I would certainly play.

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