[Eclipse Phase] Reflections As A Player

Posted: May 14, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Eclipse Phase, Roleplaying Games

Last weekend I had the chance to play through the Eclipse Phase module “Glory” that was generously run by Mappy, who some of you may recognize as one of my group’s longtime players. He’s a big fan of hard sci-fi and cyberpunk so I figured it would be a good chance for me to catch a break, and let him clock some extra GMing hours and learn what it’s like to GM.

I won’t go into great detail on “Glory” given that I don’t want to spoil it unintentionally for anyone else who might be looking to play it sometime in the future, but I did find the adventure to be a good start. It had a bit of everything, with a bias towards investigation. The nature of the adventure was one that lets the players freely immerse themselves to the rather tricky facets of the Eclipse Phase setting, especially with the use of Rep and the nature of the various technologies like Egocasting and Sleeving Egos into Morphs.

Overall, I think that Mappy did a good job GMing, and the module helped immensely. He still was a bit rough around the edges, but that’s to be expected, as running a game of that length wasn’t exactly something that people are used to doing on their first try. I felt that the names tended to be rather confusing, but that’s really just us getting used to a multi-cultural setting with societies very different from what we consider normal. A lot of the time the players were floundering on what to do exactly as we didn’t have a good idea of what it was that we could do.

Still, it felt good to be a player for a change, and I certainly didn’t mind taking a break. If any of my players want to run a one-shot or two like this, then I certainly wouldn’t stop them from doing so again.

  1. uncleasriel says:

    I’ve wanted to try this setting for some time, but never been able to rally together a group to play a session.

    Character creation looks intensely complex, with a lot of interesting mechanics for the Ego vs Morp stuff that seems like they’ll take a long time to pick up and learn. I want to explore it more, but I don’t want to commit to much time towards it.

    I’m pleased this one-shot proved to be a solid experience for you, and I hope you all can report back with more interesting stories about what happens in the Sol System’s new post-Human world.

    • Hey there,

      One of the things that Mappy implemented was to start us off with Pregenerated characters at first, which was a good move to ease us into the game before we start chewing on the character creation. I have to admit that when I was first going through it EP chargen seemed pretty involved, so I was glad that there was a simpler option to get us to try the game first.

      That aside I’m seeing a lot of interesting possibilities for EP. The default state of everyone being part of Firewall is nice, in a Global Frequency (the comic book by Warren Ellis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Frequency) sort of way, but there’s plenty of room in the setting to play non-Firewall agents.

      • nychuus says:

        I specifically made pregens because the chargen is a really involved thing and much too complex, in terms of number crunching, to do without a computer assisting. Also it gets would-be players less opportunity to opt-out of the game on the excuse of “I’ll have to read so much just to make a character”.

        The Firewall schtick is better for new people to the setting since it focuses the group and puts it in a more definite direction. More like a guided tour of what the setting is, instead of letting them run wild in the solar system (which is a Bad Idea(tm) )

        While IMO, Eclipse Phase has better areas to play in, Firewall is more or less where players should start and maybe work their way to other areas.

  2. My group has taken several stabs at “Eclipse Phase” and the biggest problem we always run into is a raw lack of knowledge about the setting. Players aren’t sure what they can do, or how things work (Can we just…uh…hyper-google it and find the guy’s spacephone number?)

    I think reading their fiction exerpts really helps give players a context for what options are available to their characters, and how the world and its technologies functions.

    Its a very cool game – but requires some measure of commitment on the player’s part to really et the most out of it

    • Hi there,

      I agree that Eclipse Phase’s unique setting makes it hard to get into without player commitment to try and learn a bit about it first. In fact, that was the problem with a lot of setting-heavy games like L5R or Fading Suns. GMs who run for players who can’t be bothered to learn the setting have quite the task facing them, and it can be quite time consuming if you have to keep providing info-dumps and exposition every half hour to explain a setting detail or social norm.

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