[Mage: the Awakening Actual Play] Endangered Species – Dramatis Personae

Posted: March 19, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Actual Play, Articles, Mage: the Awakening, Roleplaying Games, World of Darkness

Right, so I’m two weeks late for this Actual Play Report. Things have been ridiculously stressful and busy as of late so I won’t be able to pay the same kind of attention to these reports as I did with Never a Dull Blade. A shame really, as I was hoping to be able to really sit down and kick this off the right way. Alas real life takes precedence in all things, and I will have to make do with a short summary for now.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our Dramatis Personae:

  • Paulo is playing a Vengeful Hotel Mogul with a Mysterious Past. I’m still waiting for him to give me his character’s Shadow Name, but his character is more of a behind-the-scenes kind of schemer. A member of the Silver Ladder, his methodology lies in leveraging both his financial resources and his networks to get things done without the use of Magic unless it’s absolutely necessary. As a Moros, he also has a powerful command of Matter which, combined with his know-how of chemistry can be a source of all sorts of inspired effects.
  • Hikkikomori is playing Masamune (True Name: Makoto, Taiyo) a misogynistic Male Host who hides a disturbing secret. He is an agent of the Guardians of the Veil and uses his social skills to get the best of many a situation. Awakened as a Mastigos, Masamune is no stranger to being able to manipulate and alter people’s thoughts, emotions and perceptions, which makes him a dangerous agent and cunning manipulator.
  • Silver Countess is playing Amaya (True Name: Itamae, Aiko) a resourceful and Investigative Journalist that works for a struggling Occult Magazine. Also a member of the Guardians of the Veil, Amaya Awakened as a Thyrsus, with a focus on both Spirit and Death, making her an ideal liaison for the unseen members of Japan’s supernatural population.
  • Sheimaruen is playing Reimu (True Name: Ishiyama, Himeji) a young heiress to an old and respected Silver Ladder family in the service of the Imperial Household Agency. Awakened as an Acanthus, she possesses an innate understanding of the nature of destiny and fate, and how all men are subject to its whims, while precious few are able to take the reins of their own destinies. She’s determined to be one of the latter.
  • Mappy is playing a Corrupt Cop that is actually in the pocket of the Yakuza that goes by the Shadow Name of Melon Pan. Working for the Mysterium, Melon Pan is both sleazy contact, and liberator of magical items that end up in the police evidence locker. As a mage who Awakened to the path of Obrimos, he has a knack for messing with various energies, as well as being the most proficient in gathering Mana in the team.

As you can tell, this is quite a mixed bag, with characters that range from Schoolgirl to Corrupt Police Officer. It’s not quite as coherent as the L5R game, but so far it has been working out to some extent. The way that the games have been running are reminiscent of a Guy Ritchie movie, where multiple plot threads are running at roughly the same timeframe. The characters all know each other, more or less, but their issues are as diverse as they are.

I’ve been running this as sort of a sandbox game more than the stronger plot I had in L5R, hopefully with a few more sessions I’ll be able to tie the group together with a plot that actually matters to all of them without escalating to overly powerful threats again.

  1. Hikkikomori says:

    There is no convenience of having a party.

    Because when five Mages finally find a reason to work together – shit gets done.

  2. Hikkikomori says:

    Masamune is based of the Japanese folktale about the rival sword smiths who forged the swords Masamune and Muramasa, respectively. It was said that Muramasa’s edge was so sharp that it could cut anything in half, from falling leaves to even waterfalls. On the other hand, Masamune’s blade was said to hold life sacred and therefore would only cut through things that are evil or that could cause harm. It was a discerning sword that could choose which to harm. A sword with wisdom.

    And if the moral of Mage is anything to go by — Anything with wisdom is prone to hubris.

    That’s why I chose it as my character’s Shadow Name. It is a perfect blade that thinks. Whether or not his decisions are sound is another matter entirely.

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