[Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game] Sample Datafile: Nightwing from DC Comics

Posted: February 23, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game, Roleplaying Games

I told you guys this would be addictive. Alright, I’ve been fiddling with the MHRPG a little more today and I decided I wanted to try making another character. I’ll readily confess that I’m actually more of a DC guy than a Marvel guy, so the first character that came to my head was Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, and the first Robin to Bruce Wayne’s Batman.



Solo D6
Buddy D8
Team D10


The Flying Graysons
Trained by the Dark Knight
Everyone knows Nightwing

Power Sets

Enhanced Reflexes D8
Speed D6
Leaping D6

SFX: Second Chance – Spend 1 PP to reroll when using any AGILE COMBATANT power
SFX: Focus – If a pool includes an AGILE COMBATANT power, you may replace two dice of equal size with one die +1 step larger.

Limit: Exhaustion – Shutdown any AGILE COMBATANT power to gain 1PP. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.

Escrima Sticks D6
Swingline D8

Limit: Gear – Shutdown SIGNATURE WEAPONS and gain 1PP. Take an action vs. doom pool to recover


Acrobatic Master
Combat Master
Covert Expert
Crime Expert
Menace Expert
Psych Master
Vehicle Master


Dangerous love
1 XP when you choose to flirt with a non-heroic Watcher character.
3 XP when your heroic activities put your chosen character in danger, or your commitment to your chosen character puts your team in danger
10 XP when your involvement with your chosen character changes them irreversibly, or you break off your relationship in order to protect your chosen character.

Coming into his own
1 XP when you stand up to another hero
3 XP when you prove one of your decisions was best for your team
10 XP when you either accept leadership in a group or abandon your existing team

After putting together two characters now, I’m thinking that the hardest part of the character generation system is actually generating Milestones. These are key moments in a character’s story, and a player has to really think about what he wants to happen to his character and translate it the Milestone structure. I’m still trying to get the hang of it honestly, but I am happy that it does reinforce the need to think about concept and what you want to happen to your character in play.

  1. Hikkikomori says:

    I see whut u did thar.

  2. Alex says:

    Seems solid. I was a bit hesitant about the Leaping, given how much he does it, but I suppose bumping him up to the next step takes him into the realms of superhumanity.

    Doesn’t he get a ‘utility belt’ type power?

  3. PlusOneSword says:

    I see what you’re saying about the difficulty with milestones. I need to read more of the rules but this is the part of the game that I really haven’t wrapped my head around yet.

    • From what I can tell, Milestones are sort of a joint effort between the player and the Watcher, with the 10XP milestone serving as a key character defining moment, where the character is forced to make a moral choice of some sort. The 1XP and 3XP levels are more vague, which is my difficulty with it.

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