[Legend of the Five Rings 4e] Never A Dull Blade: Gird Yourselves

Posted: February 17, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Legend of the Five Rings, Roleplaying Games

My Never A Dull Blade is rapidly escalating to a climax at this point in time and I couldn’t be happier.  The team worked very hard to get to this point, with each of their successes and failures etched into their character’s hearts and minds.  That said, they’re facing dangers that they had never thought of taking on at all: The Gozoku Conspiracy, the Tsuno, the Dark Oracle of Water.

Each and every one of those threats have the potential to bring the Empire to its knees, and it is up to our heroes to stop them.

These are the moments that I live for when I run (or play) a game. When I talk about wishing that my player characters act like heroes, it is because I want to put them in situations where most sane people of normal levels of courage or ambition would have given up. Their characters are legends, and even if my players kid around that they don’t feel legendary, the setting acknowledges them as such.

I’m of the opinion that legends are ultimately people, and that they experience fear and anxiety and despair as any other person. But what matters is that they were in a position to do something about it, and instead of doing nothing, they stepped forward and did everything and anything that was necessary to win the day.

I’ve been blamed at times for being too much of a wet blanket because I don’t let player characters amass too much power. I’d like to think that this is not the case. Instead, I want my player characters to feel like they earned the right to wield that power, that their achievements were fueled by hardship, both on and off the battlefield.

At this point the game isn’t quite over yet, but the Tsuno War is fast approaching.  I’d like to give a heads up to my players that if they feel that I’ve still been lenient at this point, the gloves are off, and they’re going to have to use every ounce of will, and cunning and strength to make it through. And when this is all over, we’re all going to look back at this campaign and pat ourselves on the back until sometime decides to ask the inevitable question:

“So, what are we playing next?”

  1. Hikkikomori says:

    -cue Rocky training montage-

    -cue Eye of the Tiger-

  2. mythicast says:

    This is more of what i had in mind for the montage:

    nothing short of awesome! ^_^

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