[nMage Japan] Let’s Do the Evolution

Posted: February 15, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Mage: the Awakening, Roleplaying Games, World of Darkness

As my previous posts have shown, I’ve been thinking about my upcoming Mage: the Awakening Campaign as of late, and my planning and notes have taken an interesting turn.  Perhaps it might be a sign of my maturity, or a change in my way of thinking, but the game is taking a decidedly different track from how I was planning to run it from the first time I tried it.

I can’t talk about much in terms of the specifics just yet, but I’m certainly taking a track that has me very interested in running it.  That said I’m hoping that my players take well to the transition from the L5R setting to a modern one.  Aside from the fact that you can’t really get away with too much if you’re not careful in modern settings, violence is even less of a solution in a modern game than it is in something historical.

The World of Darkness assumes that there’s something fundamentally wrong with the world where the characters live in.  It’s meant to be a darker, bleaker reflection of modern settings, so my research is taking me to the seedier parts of Japanese society and culture.  Not just in criminal activity but in how people think.  Everything can be twisted into something fundamentally wrong, and while I don’t intend for my players character’s lives to be those of abject terror and misery, they’re going to run into some moments that will make the World of Darkness live up to its name.

At this point I really ought to start collecting character concepts.  Even having a little bit of info goes a long way, as I get to start laying the groundwork for the stories taht I can run, and what hooks will work with their concepts.

  1. neododge says:

    I like the idea. Especially in a world where ideas can turn into reality such as Mage, Japan and its myriad almost-alien subcultures could be a fertile ground for some epic surreal stuff.

  2. Hikkikomori says:

    Misogynist male host is my bid in this installment of Mage.

    Name pending.

    • mythicast says:

      A newly awakened legacy from from South East Asia named Phak Ouph. :trollface: You mad bro? lol jk… have ideas, but I’ll probably have to ask Pointy next session.

      • Hikkikomori says:


        Though there are a lot of Indians in japan as well. You could alter the name to fit their naming conventions. I think pointyman wants to avoid having imported characters this time around. To limit the scale of threats – at least at the start.

        That’s why I didn’t re-use my ex-cooking underground chef cum mafia guy from China anymore. lol

    • Hikkikomori says:

      I’m going Mastigos. Fits with my idea that my character is paranoid — Omnivision and Finder, ftw!

      Mind •••
      Space •
      Forces •••

      • Sounds good, Silver Countess was looking at going for Thyrsus, so I’m assuming Spirit ••, Life •• and Death •• for her. Not enough to conduct exorcisms, but sufficient for self-healing, and interacting with Spirits and Ghosts.

        • Hikkikomori says:

          No healers. Woot!

          Though we did overlook a lot of things when we played Mage.
          Apparently, there is such an action called Pattern Restoration — the opposite of Pattern Scouring.
          Spend 3 Mana to restore 1B or 1L damage. Usable once per day.

          Just enough to stave of Saving Throws vs Death.

  3. sheimaruen says:

    Happy Salaryman. earns a lot, has a wife, a son and a daughter, rarely sees them.


    High school student from a traditional family connected to the imperial household agency. Goes to cram school to increase chances of getting into a good University.

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