[nMage Japan] Erase / Rewind

Posted: February 9, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Mage: the Awakening, Roleplaying Games, World of Darkness

After much deliberation, I think that I’d better start cleaning up after some of the campaigns that I’ve left lying in the dust.  I’ll admit that I’m something of a serial campaign starter… but I rarely finish well.  With “Never a Dull Blade” coming to a point where I can actually say that the story is over (at least for that season) I’m starting to turn my eyes to the campaigns that didn’t quite end up as successful.

And so I’ve decided to pick up a game I’ve run before, a Mage: the Awakening Campaign set in Japan.  Having run it before, I’ve gone through the basics of the game in greater detail in an older series of posts.  But rather than pick up from where I’ve left off, I feel that it might be better if I start over.  With new characters, I think I can work with introducing different plot hooks.  I really like the premise of having a dearth of Awakenings in Japanese Mages and I feel that it’s the sort of tension that helps push Mages to start doing ill-considered solutions.

That said, I’m also recalibrating the campaign:

  • Starting Mages only, no extra experience points this time.
  • No Legacies allowed during character creation. I’d like to encourage more well rounded characters, and Legacies are great motivations for pro-active play.
  • I’ll assign free Background dots based on character concept and backstory.
  • All characters are assumed to be Mages that have awakened at least three years before the campaign starts. No exceptions.

I’ll have to revisit a lot of my old notes, and see what I can appropriate towards a new game.  Thankfully I was able to recover a list of my old inspirations that I can revisit.

Never a Dull Blade still has some legs, the team has a lot more to do, and their Big Bad has just come up, but at least I feel better knowing what I plan to run after that game ends.

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