[Legend of the Five Rings 4e] Imperial Histories Now Available From Alderac

Posted: January 20, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Legend of the Five Rings, Roleplaying Games
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The Imperial Histories recount the triumphs of the Emerald Empire and the most noble Emperors who have lead it in shining glory. Maintained by the dutiful Miya and the devoted Ikoma families, the Imperial Histories are a testament to the Emperor’s unfailing leadership and the never wavering loyalty of his servants. All samurai of the empire can look upon them and be assured of the imperial family’s unquestionable judgment and guidance of the Emerald Empire.

At least, the official imperial histories are such.  The truth…much more interesting. The Imperial Histories pulls back the curtain on many tumultuous eras of the Emerald Empire. Revealing not only the glories of the Rokugani, but also their failings and tribulations. Providing a wealth of information for players and GMs alike, this tome serves as a resource for playing in various times of the Empire, or bringing elements of those times to your characters and campaigns.

  • 10 eras in great detail, including The Dawn of the Empire, The Gozoku Era, The Clan Wars, The Race for the Throne, and more
  • An in-depth look at the Clans and personalities who shaped those eras
  • All new schools, spells, ancestors, techniques, and more, some thought lost to the ages
  • The 1000 Years of Darkness in great detail, offering you an opportunity to fully explore this apocalyptic alternate history


Now this is definitely one of the most long awaited releases for fans of the L5R rpg.  Imperial Histories discusses some of the greatest turning points in the history of Rokugan, and I’m very sure that there’s a strong and vocal group of fans who want to check out The 1000 Years of Darkness timeline as well.  Personally, I’m excited to pick this up as well since I’m looking at running further L5R games (using other Clans aside from the Lion) in some of these eras.

That said, adding new schools, spells, techniques and other mechanical bits are an instant draw to players as well.

For those interested, you can purchase Imperial Histories in physical format over at the Alderac Online Store for $39.99 or roughly Php 1,800.00


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