A Pathfinder Campaign (Play Report – Intro) by Rvelasco

Posted: January 9, 2012 by rvel in Actual Play, Articles, Pathfinder, Roleplaying Games

Okay, so I decided to run Pathfinder last saturday, and Pointyman asked me to provide a play report.  I haven’t run a “DND” game for a long time (I think my last game was the 4e game set in the custom setting of Illyria… which burnt me out lol).  So I was a bit rusty with some of the rules, but overall, I’m glad Paizo repaired most of the imbalances of the game, and the players were relatively creative in dealing with the encounters.   Anyway, I’ll start with an introduction, then go into the play report details later on.

The game is set in the world of Golarion.  It tells the tale of the Red Branch, an adventuring company under the charismatic leadership of a man named Red Vayle, who is known as a local hero in the continent.     Unfortunately, they are betrayed, and Vayle and his cohorts were killed through the treachery of one of their lieutenants, an aged yet respected rogue, Saedrin, who burnt their home, killed their friends, and stole everything that they had.  The Player Characters are the survivors of this tragedy.  Another two (NPCs) survived, but they sought their fortunes elsewhere, abandoning the group altogether.  Now, from a formerly successful adventuring group, the PCs fall into dark times.  Without money nor prospects, they are forced to live under the good graces of the dwarven barkeep, Berta the One-eyed, who runs the tavern called the Skanky Wench with her human son and daughter, of whom she refuses to expound on the matter.  The PCs at first does odd jobs, most of them from low paying patrons, and they’re forced to live through the talents that they used to ignore when they were adventuring.  (Profession skills and the like)  This is the current state of the once powerful heroic group called the Red Branch.  And this campaign is the chronicle on its fall, and inevitable rise back as an adventuring company of heroes, or even something more.

The game starts at level 3, and like most adventure path series, will end sometime at level 15.  It’s module driven, true, but it won’t be a strict dungeon crawl.  I’m modifying a lot of NPCs from the modules as well, giving them, even the antagonists, three dimensional characteristics and motivations.  So let me introduce the player characters first, and i’ll go into detail of the play report some other time:

  1.  Maximillien Renauld – NG Human Sorcerer (Draconic) – An Andoran nobleman who only spent his time on parties and women, finds himself trapped when his parents arranged a marriage for him to “grow up”.  He was born among a family with a rich sorcerous bloodline that traced its blood back to an ancient dragon, so much was expected from him, and the wife chosen also had some draconic blood.  This is to preserve their blood’s putiry.  He fled under the explanation that he’s saving the girl from a “bad marriage” and has, since then, seeking his adventure elsewhere.  He still keeps his wedding ring.  Played by Niccomawf.
  2.  Rastaban – CN Half-orc Titan Mauler Barbarian/Magus (Augmented Humanoid, Polymorphed) – Hailing form the savage barbarian lands of the Hold of Belkzen, Rastaban always had a desire to choose his own path.  Unlike other orcs, he desired power and justice.  This constant desire made him pursue the arcane arts, and also, the same drive which made him read a Cursed Scroll.  Despite the warnings of others, he read every word, and was, since then, transformed into the form of a monster: an Owlbear.  Played by Alvin.
  3.  Bones – TN Elf Cleric of Nethys – Ever the practical elf, Bones was so named because unlike his other elf-kin, he had pursued his magical studies into less desireable areas, including necromancy.  He was formerly a military surgeon stationed among the Mierani, in the city of Celwyvnian, where he fought drow in a losing battle to reclaim their homeland.  Desiring to pursue more powerful magicks, he petitioned his captain to explore the lands outside for anything that can aid their battle with the Darkland races, and since then, has explored the human lands in hopes for the one great magick that would defeat their enemies.  Played by Blake.
  4.  Thiamashielle – NG Half-elf Poisoner Rogue/ Serpent Druid.  Born in the small village of Serpent’s Bluff, near the forest of Fangwood, Thia was born cursed with the tongue of serpents, the Aklo language, instinctively able to speak with the snakes.  This made the villagers fear her, and this ostracization at a very young age, made her decide to run away to the forbidden forest.  Deep inside, however, she found a family, as she is raised by a sentient gigantic constrictor snake, raising her as her own daughter, and teaching her the druidic ways.  Since reaching age, she has left Fangwood to explore the land and nature around her.  Played by Panm.

We have several other players, but as of yet, haven’t joined the game.  One is Viktor, who, last I heard planned to play a Halfling Dragon Disciple.  The other is Vicente, whom I remember wanted to play a Gunslinger-Magus.  And there’s also Arj, who wanted to play A Half-orc Bard.  No details yet from among them, so I’ll add them in when they do join.

  1. Sounds like a great framework for a campaign, I look forward to reading more about it as it progresses.

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