[Fading Suns 3e] Lux Splendor 2011

Posted: January 6, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Fading Suns, Roleplaying Games

In the interest of keeping the candles burning in reverence to the Pancreator, I’m reposting the Lux Splendor address which details what to expect from Fading Suns this year!

Lux Splendor Address

To all the loyal subjects of the Phoenix Emperor, I offer up this address. During this time of feasting and celebration it is all too easy to forget the plight of brothers and sisters throughout the reaches of the jumpweb. There are still many worlds lost to the light of the Empire, and dominated by tyrants and dictators without the sovereign right of noble blood.

At this hallowed time of year I ask you all to offer a prayer that the light of the Phoenix Emperor and the one true Faith of the Universal Church should flow outwards through the jumpweb to bring hope of a better tomorrow to all worlds.


The Fading Suns 3rd edition project began back in 2007. Since then it has been a long road to get to where we are today. 2012 will be the year that Fading Suns will finally make a return to game stores everywhere. We have refrained from making promises about precise release dates, and I’m still not in a position to make predictions. However, I do intend to talk to you a little about what you can expect in 2012.

The intention is to release four publications for Fading Suns every year, starting in the first quarter of 2012. As you might guess the first two releases will be the Fading Suns Player’s Guide and the Fading Suns Game Master’s Guide, in Q1 and Q2 respectively. So what are we going to release in Q3 and Q4?

There will be a gap between being able to buy the FS3 Player’s Guide and the FS3 GM’s Guide, you may ask – will I be able to play the game with only one book?

The short answer is yes. The Player’s Guide contains the game system and all the basics. The GM’s Guide gives a massive amount of setting information, if you have been a long time fan of Fading Suns, then you already know much of what will be in the GM’s book. A newcomer to Fading Suns might have to rely on some of our forthcoming shard releases, until the GM’s Guide makes it into print.
We have commissioned several new books from the writing team. The intention is that the House of the Lion and the House of the Mantis will fill the Q3 and Q4 slot in 2012, but it is possible that things might get reshuffled depending on how much progress the writers make.

House of the Lion [to be written by Angus McNicholl]
House of the Mantis [to be written by Gabriel Zarate]
Universal Church [to be written by Vidar Edland]
Forbidden Lore: Heresies [to be written by Vidar Edland]
Pirates of the Jumpweb [to be written by Todd Bogenrief]

In addition to four books each year, we also aim to bring you a number of shards each year, again hopefully one each quarter. Shards will be released as PDFs, and later assembled into a collected volume that will be available in hard copy the following year.
I hope to make the Lux Splendor Address a yearly feature, wherein I am able to share with you our plans for the coming new year.


I bid you go forth and share the gift of light with those whom you hold community. Let them know that the Phoenix Empire has not forsaken them, but stands ready to defend the rights of all citizens. Stand resolute against the darkness of lost hope.

Lux Splendor

Emperor Alexius I,
Emperor of the Phoenix Throne, Sword of the Pancreator, Protector of the Known Worlds.


  1. Glad to see that Fading Suns will be back, such a great setting.

  2. Angus says:

    I am in the process of republishing the Reborn Sun blog posts to my own blog: darthgus.blogspot.com since they have been unavailable since RBL changed server… big surprise coming too…

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