[L5R 4e – Never a Dull Blade] Planning for Season 2

Posted: December 27, 2011 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Legend of the Five Rings, Roleplaying Games

While my players are off on their respective vacations for the holidays, my Legend of the Five Rings campaign is on hiatus for a couple of weekends, giving me time to think.  This has been a longer campaign than most, which leads to interesting new opportunities and challenges that I’ve not had a chance to actually tackle very often.  That said, I think it will help me a bit if I began listing down the various different plot hooks that are dangling in the campaign so far, so I can work on tying them off or at least bringing them to some form of resolution.

Among the various plot threads in the campaign so far are:

  1. Shigure of the Three Leaves Merchant house still seeks revenge for those responsible for the death of her son.  She’s been pretty much under the radar as of late, though the last information from the Crane just before Winter Court puts her in the direction of the Kitsu Lands.
  2. With the death of Doji Akiko, Akodo Kenji has lost contact with the Gozoku Conspiracy and cannot track their movements unless he manages to reestablish himself as a Gozoku asset.
  3. Asahina Sekawa, the Jade Champion, will be visiting to meet with Kitsu Tetsumi, bringing with him none other that Toturi Sezaru in order to test her abilities and understand this claim of her being able to beckon the ancestors to rise up in battle in the same way that Matsu Nimuro was able to do so.
  4. Akodo Kenji is now the bearer of a shadow brand, thanks to Matsu Hiroto
  5. Matsu Hiroto is establishing his own Matsu Shugenja School against all odds
  6. Matsu Broli is off to try and find a way to establish his own dojo with the help of his new wife, Matsu Makoto.
  7. Akodo Senji is cracking down on crime in Two Rivers, setting himself up as a primary target of the multitude of crime syndicates and other interests that do not care for his authority in their city.
  8. The Tsuno have returned to avenge their fallen and find who was responsible for foiling their plans in Ikoma lands last year
  9. Making a deal with the Tsuno soultwisters, Oni no Kenji has escaped the spirit realms to the true Lion lands for her own mysterious reasons.
  10. The three major merchant houses in the Two Rivers are involved in a serious shadow war for dominance, which as been disrupted by the arrival of Yoritomo Yoyonagi and the re-assignment of a certain Yasuki courtier to the city
  11. Someone is manufacturing Gaijin Firearms in the city

There’s a lot of things happening all at once, and to be honest, I hope I’m not overloading my players.  There’s a point at which many of my players feel that I tend to pressure them too much, and I’ve been hoping to avoid that.  All of these are dangling plot hooks, but I promise that I won’t be dropping all of them on them at the same time.  It’s good to list them down just to see the sheer scale of just how much seeding and setup I’ve had a chance to make over the past few gaming sessions though.  I’m rather proud of myself.

  1. So much stuff to do! D: *has a heart attack*

  2. Hikkikomori says:

    I thought we were just going to kill a dragon or something. lol.

    kill dragun = get lewts

  3. Looks like an exciting time. Good luck and have fun.

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