Looking Forward to the New Year and Looking Back at the Old One

Posted: December 26, 2011 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Roleplaying Games

Well, 2011 is coming to a close, and with all the changes happening in my life, blogging has been getting much more difficult as of late.  I’ve switched jobs, and I’m looking to get married sometime in 2012, so there’s a lot of little things that have been buzzing around the background.  That said, change is good, I believe, and if anything, it gives me an assurance that my life isn’t stuck in 2nd gear.  I’m confident that once things start falling into place and once I’ve gotten used to my new schedule I’ll be able to post more regularly again.

2011 has been a good year for me in gaming.  I’ve had a chance to run several campaigns and try out new systems.  I was able to take Hollow Earth Expedition out for a spin for a few sessions, and my Legend of the Five Rings campaign has proven to be one of the longest campaigns I’ve had the pleasure to run.  While I had a chance to review a whole lot more products than I normally do, I was hoping to normalize my review process to the point that I could churn out one or two a week, time willing.

The year also saw a lot of Let’s Study articles (my series on Vampire: the Requiem has yet to continue.  I haven’t forgotten about it just yet) and I’m hoping to continue the practice into 2012 with all the new games on the horizon.  I’m especially eager to see the new Marvel Comics rpg from Margaret Weis Productions, as well as any of the upcoming books from White Wolf Games.  L5R supplements like Imperial Histories are certain to get my attention as well.  Fading Suns 3rd Edition is believed to be slated for next year, and if we’re really lucky, we’ll hear from Redbrick about Blue Planet as well.

I don’t really see myself relinquishing GM duties for the next year, and after my current L5R campaign, I’ll most likely pitch another campaign. I’ve been pretty enamored with Crafty Games’ Mistborn Adventure Game as of late, and I’m curious to give the more Narrative mechanics a spin.  I’ve just finished book 2 of the Mistborn Trilogy, so I’m getting an even better appreciation for how the game was put together.  Add the fact that my job has me working nearly 12 hour days, I just don’t have the kind of time to do my more extensive forms of planning anymore.

That said, I do lament the fact that finding physical copies of RPG books here has become even more difficult that it was when I first started this blog.  Gaming stores here are more or less dedicated to CCGs, Board Games or Miniatures Games.  Some very few might have a tiny stack of odd supplements or the occasional corebook, but nothing that could really be considered accessible for the hobby.  I’d order online, but my experiences so far have been dicey at best.  Sometimes the books arrive looking great, while other books arrive damaged in transit.  Worse, I’ve encountered post office staff that are hell bent on charging me the cost of the book in “customs fees”.  Add the fact that I’ve already paid shipping costs that are worth more than the books in question, and all I can say is that this is quickly turning into highway robbery.

I’ve had some idle thoughts about encouraging a community here, given that the older community I used to belong to is all but dead.  I’m certain there are new gamers out there in the country (I’ve had the good fortune of meeting a few) but there’s little to no support anymore to encourage gaming beyond their own respective groups. That said this is a public blog, and if anyone from the Philippines wants to comment and say hi, then I’d be glad to talk to them.  I’m already thinking of an index project where GMs who are open to new players can use a page on this blog to advertise their availability and gaming preferences as well as an email where people could contact them.

  1. Soldier King says:

    Wouldn’t get too excited about MWP. Past history indicates they’ll publish the core book, and if you’re lucky, one or two supplements. They’re great at obtaining licenses and then dropping the ball seriously when it comes to supporting the games that come out of them.

  2. dirty yasuki says:

    Waitaminute… hold the phone… you’re getting married next year? Well CONGRATULATIONS!

    And don’t worry about the hobby. We’ve been around and we’ll continue to be around. My group recently started a new campaign in VTR and we’ll keep playing til they nail our coffin’s shut.

    My GM has a personal blog of his own and although it’s on indefinite hiatus now, maybe you two can swap notes if you want.

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