[Mistborn Adventure Game] Sample Character – Lady Noir

Posted: December 19, 2011 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Mistborn Adventure Game, Roleplaying Games

In my attempt to study the Mistborn Adventure Game a little further, I decided to try converting one of the characters from my prior Deadlands Reloaded! campaign.  In this case it would be Celeste, otherwise known as Lady Noir.  I found that the conversion was actually fairly painless, but of course, since Mistborn isn’t a Western genre RPG (at least until the Alloy of Law supplement comes out) I had to take some liberties to her abilities.  Originally she was both a skilled courtesan and a crack shot, but I dropped the second and gave her a power that falls in line with what could have Snapped her into a Misting.

Celeste / Lady Noir

Celeste joined the Crew of Nine in an attempt to flee her abusive husband, Nathan. While she loved Nathan, he proved to a very jealous sort, who was prone to extreme measures of punishment.  She finally ran away after he’d taken a cattle brand to her back, to mark her lest any man try to lay their eyes on her.

Drive Trait: Keep one step ahead of Nathan

Before she met Nathan, Celeste was a young debutante of a Noble house.  She was a woman well used to the ins and outs of the upper class and was largely considered to be a fine catch for anyone who would end up with her hand in marriage.

Profession Trait: Socialite

Having escaped her vicious husband, Celeste learned very quickly how to manipulate others.  Using her razor wit and feminine wiles, Celeste was able to put a good distance between her and Nathan.

Specialty Trait: Skillful Manipulator

Despite her beauty, Celeste sports a vicious burn scar on her back, a result of Nathan’s jealousy and a reminder to her of just what keeps her running.

Feature Trait: Burn Scar

Part of her success comes from the fact that she is almost always confident in her words. Few people can bring themselves to be skeptical of her, even as she’s manipulating them to her own ends.

Personality Trait: Trustworthy



  • POWER: Average – Celeste is a Misting, with Soother powers that can dampen certain emotions.
  • ATTRIBUTES: Strong- Celeste has not exactly been raised to endure hardships or heavy work, and her abilities have allowed her to get by on the work of others.
  • STANDING: Weak – Celeste may have few of her older contacts at this point.


Tragedy: Hunted by a Noble House
Destiny: Establish my own Noble House


Race: Noble

Misting – Allomancy Brass 5; Enduring Emotion

Physique: 3
Charm: 6
Wits: 4

Resources: 3
Influence: 2
Spirit: 4

Health: 6
Reputation: 8
Willpower: 8

Formal clothing
Misting Vial


Character Creation was painless overall, and took me no more than ten minutes.  Granted that I already had a concept in mind, but the mechanics of building a character are less about math, and more about concept.  The Traits defined early on during character creation are useful for defining a character, as they add dice to relevant rolls that bring that aspect of the character into play.  Of course, a GM could also use the same traits to add to his dice when it comes to actions that could also be harmful to the character as well.

For example, Celeste’s Skillful Manipulator trait would add a die to her dice pool if she was trying to con someone.  Or, the GM could give any bounty hunters that Nathan sends to find her an additional die since they know about her Burn Scar.

I figure making her a Soother made sense since it was likely that she may have Snapped into a Misting when she was feverish and half-dead from pain due to branding process that Nathan subjected her to.  Now she uses her abilities to dampen emotions of suspicion or other unfortunate emotions to allow her to get away, and if push comes to shove and she ever sees Nathan again?  Maybe it’ll give her the edge she needs to be able to slip his grasp.


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