[Let’s Study V:tR] The Ordo Dracul

Posted: December 13, 2011 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Let's Study, Roleplaying Games, Vampire: the Requiem, World of Darkness

Nothing is permanent, even Damnation

In the eyes of the Ordo Dracul, the vampiric state is but a phase in what is ultimately an evolution of their kind to something else, something far greater.  One of the youngest of the Covenants, the Ordo Dracul are a forward thinking and admittedly optimistic society dedicated towards transcendence, or perhaps even Apotheosis.

Claiming descent from the legendary Vlad Tepes himself, the Ordo Dracul embraces their founder’s struggles against God, with the use of vicious and relentless experimentation to find ways to circumvent the nature of His curse.  In some ways they represent a philosophy that God cannot stand against the will, and a truly determined Ordo Dracul vampire will find a way to overcome.

The Ordo Dracul count some of the most brilliant minds of Kindred Society among their number, perhaps because the Ordo Dracul’s key philosophy is one that fits the very nature of experimentation.  Their organization is a strange one, a melding of Victorian-era secret societies and mystery cults with the structure of the the academe.  It is a meritocracy of sorts, mostly centered on a Kindred’s advancement along the Coils of the Dragon, a series of “cheats” that allow a vampire to alter the nature of their vampiric curse, allowing them to become more efficient at the consumption of blood, or even withstand limited exposure to sunlight.

The Ordo is not afraid of experimentation, and hold the act of observation and understanding through many years of experience to be key in their ability to survive.  Despite the fact that they are among the youngest of the Covenants, they are cold, calculating and methodical and use these characteristics to their advantage when it comes to any sort of conflict.

There’s always a better way

The Ordo Dracul understand that transcending the vampiric curse is something that isn’t about to happen overnight.  Nevertheless the gains made by improving upon the Coils of the Dragon have been bandied about as proof that they are on the right track.  This is profoundly disturbing to most of the other Covenants, particularly the Lancea Sanctum who hold the vampiric curse as their lot according to God.


I must admit that after reading all the 5 main Covenants in Vampire: the Requiem, I can’t help but get a strong Mage: the Awakening vibe from the Ordo Dracul.  They’re cursed, but refuse to see it as a permanent state.  They work with remarkable determination and their zeal for experimentation (at whatever unholy cost) tends to breed all sorts of horror and “progress.”  Weaker-willed vampires will probably give up, or recoil at the depths at which the Ordo Dracul will explore in order to find their answers, and that’s just the way the Ordo probably like it.

If I were to choose a second Covenant after Invictus, the Ordo Dracul makes a very compelling case for a character I’d enjoy playing.  If anything, I can also see them working very well in crossover games that deal with the other supernaturals, especially against Mages.

  1. I think the Ordo Dracul are my favourite of them all. I like the diversity of their methods (which of course leads to infighting and rivalries) plus they have some sort of sense of history and traditions with each of their own internal orders and bloodlines. It gives the feel of the Tremere but with some elements from the Gangrel and Tzimice.

    Where the other covenants have natural rivals; Invictus vs Carthian, Crone vs Lancea, the Ordo Dracul add the spanner to the works. They want change, but have traditions, they have philosophy and spiritualism, but about themselves and not about a single God, or Gods. They challenge all the others and yet also provide excellent allies in many other ways.

  2. loquacious says:

    So weird that you indicate having Mage background helps understand /appreciate Ordo more fully. As you’re aware, Mage and I are not friends at all, but I completely understand Ordo- it’s like “Science + Masons”…

    • Hey Loquacious!

      Well, think of it this way… Expand the “Science+Masons” thing to the study of magic, and then break them down into 4 departments: Administration (Silver Ladder), Physical Education (Adamantine Arrows), Academics (Mysterium) and Disciplinary Committee (Guardians of the Veil) and there you go! The Diamond Orders in a very broad sense. The Free Council are essentially the avant-garde home-schooling guys. :p

  3. Hikkikomori says:

    Vampire Scientists ftw!

  4. Laraqua says:

    I’d love to run an Ordo Dracul-only campaign. I think because there’s plenty of variation in things to do, plenty of excuses to go investigate the supernatural alongside their own court, plenty of rules to keep things seeming suitably different, a strong hierarchy and multiple influences (Sworn Groups plus, of course, elders’ wishes plus highest coil person’s wishes). I totally want to run that!

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