[Let’s Study] Fading Suns – Character Creation

Fading Suns character creations is presented in two ways.  One is a more standard Point-Buy system where you have a pool of points to spend on buying up stats, skills and various other advantages.  It’s very similar to RPGs like Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea and the games from the World of Darkness, and anyone who has ever played one of these will feel right at home with the character generation.

That said, I think what does merit special mention here is the fact that they also present a second variant, wherein players can put together a character by making Lifepath choices, which are presented as pre-spent point packages.  I find that this is a novel alternative to the point buy for players who aren’t quite so inclined to going over all the little options to tweak a character to an exacting amount of detail.

Admittedly, as I’m getting older and my responsibilities pile on, I found this to be something of an adequate concession on my part.  I probably won’t have the same amount of time I used to spend in tweaking characters, so this solution is ideal for me.  In fact, just to give it a spin, I put a character together in about 15 minutes:

Ouyang Liang Ping
Charioteer (Wealthy, City Environment; Apprenticed to a Guildhall; Early Career as a Merchant)

BODY: Strength 3, Dexterity 6, Endurance 4
MIND: Wits 8, Perception 7, Tech 4
SPIRIT: Extrovert 8, Introvert 3, Passion 3, Calm 5, Faith 3, Ego 4

Charm 5, Dodge 3, Fight 3, Impress 4, Melee 3, Observe 5, Shoot 5, Sneak 5, Vigor 3

Skills, Learned:
Drive (Spacecraft) 8, Drive (Landcraft) 4, Empathy 1, Gambling 1, Knavery 1, Lore (people and places seen) 1, Lore (Agora) 1, Mech Redemption 5, Read Urthish (2pts), Remedy 1, Speak (2pts local dialect, 2pts dialect), Inquiry 3, Streetwise 3

Curious (+2 Extrovert when seeing something new)

Nosy (-2 Calm when seeing something new)

Rank (Associate)
Cash 100 firebirds,
Ally 2 pts
Gossip Network 2pts
Passage Contract 2pts

20 Extras pts. on cybernetic devices or associated characteristics (cost: 3pts per +1) and/or skills (cost: 1pt per +1)

Admittedly this character is probably not as polished as it would had I gone on the strict point-buy method, but as I said, I’m less strict about things like these right now.

Oh, one thing I DID notice about the history thing though, was the fact that the writing forgot to mention the starting values for characters though.  I was wondering why my stats were seemingly very low for a game that relied on a d20 round down system, until I read that characters apparently start with Stats and a few Skills at 3

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