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Let me say that after checking out the setting for Fading Suns, I was starting to see why Mage: the Awakening had so many disparate threats for the protagonists.  Not that this is a bad thing, considering that Mage: the Awakening is one of my favorite games.  I like the idea of having different threats all over the universe of a game, it keeps things interesting, after all.  It’s boring to play Us versus Them, then one could easily play Us versus Them, Them, Them, and Those Guys Too.

The Fading Suns a remarkably diverse setting as far as threats go.  Aside from the standing conflicts between Noble Houses, Church Sects and Guilds, there’s also the threat of marauding space barbarians, oppressed alien races, an insatiable symbiotic race,  and another alien race with superior firepower.  There’s so much going on that it can be overwhelming but in my eyes that’s a great way to hammer home the point that the universe is a harsh place, and that mankind’s position is less than secure.

I’m very impressed with what Fading Suns has for a setting, considering that I can scale it up and down, with stories about corruption in a Planetary Government, to a Murder Mystery inside a Noble’s manor, to a space-race to acquire necessary materials to fend off the symbiotes.  It is a ridiculously fertile game and I can understand that many new GMs might be tempted to try to pop everything into a single campaign.  I’d advise against it though, parceling the threats in a moderate rate will keep the game more interesting, and you’ll at least have some way to keep something in your sleeve.