[D&D 4e] Prepping a Refresher Course

Posted: October 10, 2011 by pointyman2000 in 4e, Articles, Roleplaying Games

Hikkikomori, avid comments guy in this blog, and a player in my gaming group has decided to give GMing a whirl, and for his first attempt, has selected 4th Edition D&D as the system for it.  As such I’ve been re-reading my core set, both to get me back up to speed with regards to the rules so that I can help with rules lookups and keeping the gameplay experience moving smoothly.

I’m aware that there’s been a ton of books that have been put out ever since I bought the three core books, but I’ll stick to the basics for now.  Also, since the rest of the players aren’t as familiar with the rules, I figure I might as well prepare a refresher course, something along the lines of a couple of encounters to get the other players (and myself) used to our character’s powers and how they interact in the context of a combat encounter.

4e is one of those games that emphasizes tactical play over most other parts of the roleplaying game experience, but it’s not a bad game.  Arguably, it does exactly what it set off to do, and I feel that if anything, as long as expectations are set correctly, it’s easy enough for anyone to enjoy the game.  That said, I think that a measure of proficiency with regards to play will definitely help in making the game more enjoyable so what I’m doing might not necessarily be too crazy.

  1. Hikkikomori says:

    i will pwn u all wid mah lvl30 paladin/tief/mage/cleric – Killmonger the Undeadable!

    Wielding his +20 Axe of Fleshdrinking, and donning his +50 AC Armor of Untouchability!

  2. I highly recommend that DMs who pick up D&D 4E at least take a peek at the updates found in http://www.wizards.com/DnD/Article.aspx?x=dnd/updates since there is a ton of changes especially in Player’s Handbook 1 that can help reign in nigh-overpowered builds, as well as get some old flavor back (changing Magic Missile to an attack that automatically damages a target). Also, there are some rules changes that would help in both clarify stuff like flying and stealth, as well as encourage the use of improvised actions (adjustments to p.42 of the DMG). Finally, they’ve pumped up the damage output of monsters in general since Monster Manual 3, so to reflect those changes the updates to the DMG include a damage table that increases monster damage, allowing you to use same-level or even lower-level monsters and still make the encounter VERY deadly.

    In passing though, aside from the basic three books (PHB1, MM1, and DMG), I highly recommend DMG2 for DMs in particular, since it has a variety of suggestions on how to run games (including low/no magic campaigns, vignettes and player-driven story scenarios, among other things).

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