Games I Never Got to Check Out: Trinity by White Wolf

Originally titled “AEON” Trinity was the first rpg in White Wolf’s Trinity universe of games, which included Aberrant and Adventure!  I have to admit that my exposure to this game was minimal at best, having picked up a free quickstart of the game with an issue of Inquest Magazine, and after reading it, I was greatly intrigued.  Sadly, I was not exactly as connected as I am now, and therefore had no real means of finding the game in physical form.

I’ve heard a mix of opinions with regards to the game itself, with some people being very happy with it, while others felt that the Psion Orders felt tacked on.  I was fascinated by the various Orders, and the backstory had great potential.  I’m not sure if I’ll feel the same way when I actually try and read it now, but who knows, it might still do something that will spark my enthusiasm.

That said, how many of you guys were able to check this out when it first game out?  What did you think of it?  Would I be a victim of nostalgia if I decide to buy it on PDF? Let me know! 😀

6 thoughts on “Games I Never Got to Check Out: Trinity by White Wolf

  1. I played it when Aeon first came out, I’ve played a couple campains shortly before WW pulled the plug, and I’m currently running a Trinity/Fading Suns mashup campaign.

    While there are minor balance issues when it comes to powers when you compare Psions with different apptitudes (especially teleportation), but on the whole I consider the Aeon Trinity/Adventure! rulesets to be the finest iteration of the World of Darkness yet.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that the PDF quality on DriveThru is absolutely terrible. As in, highlight a paragraph to copy and it only grabs the left side of the paragraph. It’s ok for reading, but definately needs to be rescanned and cleaned up like the newly rescanned oWoD POD books. Given that it’s Trinity, I expect it to be rescanned after Changeling the Dreaming. ie, many years from now.

    1. Hey there,

      Thanks for the info! I’m a little disappointed that the scan quality isn’t that good. I was hoping to get them while they were on sale this week. Then again if they update the pdf I can download the new version for free if I remember correctly.

      1. You can certainly download the new version for free if you buy the crappy one, but don’t hold your breath as to when that is going to happen…

  3. I got to play this and had quite a bit of fun with it. Though our game was a little interesting as we had people in military organizations ignoring direct orders.

    Rev Keith’s comment about balancing different psion abilities was interesting. No White Wolf game I’ve ever played or perused has any level of balance between the types. OWoD, NWod, Exalted, Aeon/Aberrant/Adventure, Scion. Each of them has options that are drastically better or worse than others. In the more extreme games the variation can become enormous. Aeon (I’m not going to call it Trinity) is mild compared to most of the others. And it has equipment that is comperable in scale to people’s innate abilities which goes a long way towards keeping balance.

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