[Campaign Concepts] Aquapunk

Posted: September 14, 2011 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Blue Planet, Campaign Design, D6, Roleplaying Games

As of late there’s one particular sort of campaign that’s been making a few rounds in my imagination: Aquapunk, which is essentially D6 Cyberpunk meets Blue Planet.

Blue Planet is an awesome game, and while I adore the hard science meets far frontier sort of setting I figure that highlighting the cyberpunk aspect of the setting might just be the right kind of spin to give it the direction I can work with.  I’m not particularly articulate right now to be honest, but I’ll do what I can to try and give a solid pitch.

I want a setting where the standard Cyberpunk idea of the rich people living high up above the rest of humanity.  Instead in this setting, it makes sense that the rich people live far below the surface of the ocean, sometimes living in completely artificial habitats dug deep into bedrock, while the poor and helpless are forced to eke out a living out in the surface, where harsh weather and pirates are a constant threat.

Floating agricultural platforms exist, and are very well protected for their benefit to the habitat below the sea, especially since pirates are constantly looking for ways to raid these platforms for food.  Majority of the population live in a network of large underwater domed cities.  These habitats are often held in control by various mega-corporations who have their own security forces to protect their interests against saboteurs and criminals.

As with regular cyberpunk, corporate espionage has taken on an entirely new and violent level, with corporate sponsored hit-squads conduct clandestine operations against one another.

Being an underwater setting, there will also be some form of underwater activity, as I intend to keep the presence of the Longevity Ore (“Long John”) as a major Mcguffin in the setting.  The idea of having a harvested matter that can be used to grant relative immortality is certainly something that will keep people interested, and having enough of it outside of the system will do more than turn heads.

I don’t have a strong “team” vibe from this, despite it being a Cyberpunk campaign, so I’m going to give players free rein to tell me what they want out of the setting by opening any concept for consideration.  I’m willing to run character stories, in case someone plays something that doesn’t really go out an adventure much, but I can also run a mystery yarn in case someone decides to go play a detective, or a cop.

So, back-stabbing and intrigue in the boardrooms of mega-corporations?  Sure.  A fast-paced running gunfight in the myriad twists and turns in a gigantic floating squatter colony made up of smaller boats nailed together?  Why not?  Hold a concert that entrances both humans and uplifted dolphins and orcas?  I can run that.  This campaign is going to be sort of a mirror and a sandbox.  The players give me something, and I’ll make their character’s lives interesting.

  1. Hikkikomori says:

    Though the series itself was sub-par.

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