A Change of Plans… Running L5R 4e For Now

Posted: August 29, 2011 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Legend of the Five Rings, Roleplaying Games

Due to a switch in the player roster in my current group, I’m going to have to put my HEX game on ice, and in it’s place I’ll be running an L5R campaign.  No idea yet as to the duration of this new L5R campaign, as I don’t even have a final list of players yet, but I am actually rehashing an old concept I was bandying about the blog a while back, an All-Lion Clan campaign I called “Never a Dull Blade

Again I wasn’t exactly prepared for the sudden shift, and perhaps it’s a mistake of me to pull this off without my usual weeks of preptime, but hopefully I’ll find my sea legs fast enough to run the game with a modicum of quality that I demand of myself.  It’s a weird feeling to suddenly shift gears like this, but I have to roll with what life throws my way I guess.

That said some good things have come down the pipe, and I really ought to get started on reviewing the PDF copy of The Great Clans soon, after I wrap up my series of articles on The One Ring.

  1. Love,

    We understand if you need time to think. No one’s pressuring you to run a game right off the bat, not particularly given your current work crap. You can take the weekend off, several weekend offs if need be.

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