[Local Scene] Epic Flail: A Pen & Paper RPG Newb Event!

Posted: August 24, 2011 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Local Scene, Roleplaying Games

Fellow Philippine gamer, Gelo Dmnyo has managed to round up a bunch of like-minded gamers to put up a gaming event of his own!

Epic Flail: A Pen & Paper RPG Newb Event is a mini-convention put together by a bunch of enthusiastic gamers that want to share the hobby to anyone and everyone who might be interested in rolling some dice and having a lot of fun!

Epic Flail is slated to take place at 4:00PM Saturday, August 27 until 12 midnight at
Peaberry Cafe
511 Capitolline Hills St., BF Resort Village
Las Piñas, Philippines
There seems to be a good mix of various systems for the games running that day, and I’m sure that with Gelo’s enthusiasm, it’s going to be a great time:
EPIC FLAIL: A Pen & Paper RPG Event!

Games that are running are:

Zombie Flavored Lollipop
RPG: Scion
No. of players – 3-6
The gods of lore are bored with today’s society and they want action!
They chose six random humans and gave them powers, now they are put to the test in a post apocalyptic dimension where they are to face hordes of zombies…and in return the survivors shall reach a level no human have achieve…GODHOOD!

The Blood Cult’s Dungeon
System: Pathfinder
4-5 players With Pregenerated Characters
You’ve awoken in a dark dungeon cell, unable to remember how you got there.
The faint sounds of distant screams echo through the walls. Something sinister looms in the air as robed cultists forcefully pull out prisoners from out of their cells, dragging them to some unknown doom! Escape before the same fate befalls you!

Players: 4-6
System: Pathfinder
Your team was hired for a covert rescue mission. Intel has gathered information that the recently disappeared Lady Eileen of Snowgrove was kidnapped by an anarchist mage society called Imperium Absentis, wanted in 53 towns for unsolicited devil summoning and wide-scale terrorist attacks. Intel also says that the IA plans to sacrifice Lady Eileen in order to open gateways from hell to provide free entry for devils and demons alike to our world.The goal is to sneak into the IA headquarters, rescue Lady Eileen, and do whatever is necessary to thwart the IA’s plans.

Criminal Intent (Vampire: The Requiem SAS)
Players: 4-5
System: New World of Darkness
Mr. Petrovsky is a somewhat prominent figure among the Kindred of Los Angeles. He is a strict, some would say fanatical, protector of the Masquerade, often approached when Kindred are inadvertently exposed, or when some rebellious vampire has to be punished for his indiscretions. Now, it is Mr. Petrovsky who approaches you and your group seeking assistance in dealing with a Masquerade violation by the city’s Hound, Simone. You are tasked with finding her, and ensuring that sanctity of the Masquerade… by whatever means necessary. In the World of Darkness, however, not everything is as it seems.

For more information, check out Epic Flail at their Facebook Page

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