Vote and help me choose which game I’ll study next!

Posted: August 15, 2011 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Let's Study, Roleplaying Games

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good “Let’s Study” series going on in the blog, so I’m opening up another poll for everyone to vote for what game I should be checking out next.  To those new to the blog, the Let’s Study series of articles are multi-part studies of various games, breaking them down according to theme, mood mechanics and various other components in hopes of learning and understanding the game to a level where we can start coming up with a campaign for that game.

So, for this round we’ll have several games up for consideration:

The One Ring: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild by Cubicle 7
Smallville RPG by Margaret Weis Productions
Leverage RPG by Margaret Weis Productions
A Song of Ice and Fire RPG by Green Ronin
Dragon Age RPG by Green Ronin

This round’s theme is licensed properties.  These are all RPGs from licensed properties from other media, from Fiction, to TV and Videogames.  I’m prepared to check out any of these, so please vote for which one you’d like to see given the full treatment for a Let’s Study series, and don’t forget to tell your friends to vote for what they want to see too!

I’ll leave this poll open until Friday, then I’ll tally up the score and get to work on the articles!

  1. liangcai says:

    Make it Dragon Age!

  2. dbro36 says:

    Ooh, first vote. I voted One Ring. I am not a fan of licensed porperties at ALL, I’d much rather come up with my own world, but for some reason, when I read about what One Ring is all about, it feels as if your characters in it really experience new things, even if it is all stuff we’ve heard a million times already For some reason it feels as if this game will let you feel a sense of amazement when running into an Orc for the first time.

  3. Anthony says:

    Leverage is probably one of the best examples I’ve ever seen of truly great game design. They capture the feel of the show marvelously, and everything is just…well, eye opening. The team that made it did an awesome job.

  4. Hikkikomori says:

    My vote:

    Wait. Wrong series. But you get the drift.

  5. Nychuus says:

    I vote Leverage 😛

    Comedy and crime is a golden combination

  6. Tyler says:

    I vote Leverage! Looks like a great game and I want to see your take on it.

  7. dirty yasuki says:

    SoIaF – the anti-DnD. But I can see I am biased in some respect…. I would also vote Leverage as a close 2nd.

  8. Hikkikomori says:

    Whar is my Smallvillage! D<

    The Smallville system is actually a good way to have the players get involved in actually building the setting along with the GM. So its not wholly the GMs burden, as well as it elicits input from the Player themselves, so the setting is not entirely GM-centric.

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