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[Legend of the Five Rings] Emerald Empire 4e is now out on PDF!

Finally, the wait is over!

After so long, Alderac Entertainment Group has finally released the 4th Edition version of the Legend of the Five Rings Emerald Empire sourcebook.  Emerald Empire is what I consider to be THE must buy expansion for L5R for the 4th edition given that is broadens the scope of the empire by giving the reader an in-depth and detailed view of life in Rokugan.

The sheer scale of detail and nuance that goes into the product is perfect for any GM, and players will find the cultural notes to be perfect for fleshing out just what it means to be a person living in Rokugan.

Behold the Emerald Empire!

“Let this be called Rokugan, the Emerald Empire, and let it reflect all the glory and majesty of the Heavens themselves.”
-Hantei, First Emperor of Rokugan

Emerald Empire: Fourth Edition is a comprehensive guide to Rokugan that will bring the world of Legend of the Five Rings alive like no other book. Emerald Empire mixes detailed written descriptions of various aspects of Rokugani life, from politics and war to commerce and the basic rhythms and rituals of daily existence. The book also has handy reference material for those who wish to know everything from who answers to whom in the bureaucracy of the Imperial Court to strange and exotic visitors from foreign lands.

  • Dozens of tables and hooks designed to provide quick reference for GMs who want to incorporate details of how daily life is lived in Rokugan, as well as anyone who is simply interested in the intricate life of the samurai.
  • Clear and systematic descriptions of Rokugan’s social and political hierarchy, so that you never have to worry about who answers to whom in the Great Clans, the Minor Clans, and the Imperial Court.
  • A comprehensive look at law and order in the Empire, as well as the role of religion in the lives of those at all strata of the Celestial Order.
  • All new information, including new schools and returning favorites such as the Shinjo Bushi and the Ikoma Lion’s Shadow.

Emerald Empire is a must-have for Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game players who wish to bring their campaigns alive with a wealth of details about the workings of Rokugani life, as well as plot hooks and adventure ideas.

Emerald Empire also updates the previous edition of this book with nearly a quarter new content which has never been available before.


Emerald Empire is now available from DriveThruRPG for $24.99 or roughly PhP 1082.00

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