[RPG Blog Carnival] What is Bad Ass Gaming?

Posted: July 27, 2011 by pointyman2000 in Advice, Articles, Roleplaying Games

When was the last time you ever tried to play like a Badass?

It’s human nature to be risk adverse.  We like to take stock of any situation, weigh our odds, and make sure that we’ve minimized every possible risk before we take action.  We’re careful, deliberate, and we like to make sure that we know exactly what we’re getting into before we try anything.

And that, my friends, is NOT badass.

Any good GM will tell you that failure isn’t synonymous to losing when it comes to RPGs.  A good GM will find a way to make failure interesting, giving players something new to deal with.  So if you’ve got anyone who is even halfway decent as a GM, then trust them and take that risk!

Badass play involves getting in there, taking crazy risks to reap the rewards.  Daring and decisive action keeps things going beyond your normal play, and success is always sweeter when you know that you’ve taken the odds and punched it in the face.  Don’t let the odds scare you, if it means you can reap the benefits of being totally awesome, then that should be enough motivation to go out and do it.

This concept doesn’t just apply to players, by the way.  GMs ought to work with them, let feel the rewards when they risk something and succeed.  It’s your job to make sure that the risks they take should be worth it.  GMs should offer neat little incentives, give them that little bit extra whenever they’re faced with one of those Badass moments.

Badass play demands that both sides work harder to push the game to the limit.  Don’t slow down, don’t optimize, don’t let yourself or anyone else slow down the pace.  Get out there and game like there’s no tomorrow.

And that, is what makes a game Bad Ass.


Nevermet Press, hosts of July’s RPG blog carnival, asks: What makes a game bad ass? For those new to the blog carnival concept, a brief explanation: one blog hosts a topic and invites other blogs to write about that topic. At the end of a pre-defined period (the RPG blog carnival runs on a month-by-month basis), the host blog collates all the links and discussions formed around the carnival topic and shares the final compiled list.  Full details can be found here (plus an archive of all the past RPG carnivals (now running since 2008)).

  1. joewolz says:

    Dude, this sums up how my group and I play our games. We call it “Going to 11” but it’s the same idea. I’m totally stoked about our upcoming Star Wars game, in which we are the Inglorious Basterds. This post make me want to get started on it!

    • Hi Joe!

      Going to 11 is a great term for it, and from what I’ve heard on the podcast that Star Wars game is going to be crazy fun. Looking forward to hearing more about it in your next episodes!

  2. Hikkikomori says:

    And that, is how you play BADASS! (cc)

    What better time, place, and astronomical event than to plug in BADASS! (cc)

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