If you like podcasts, then check out 2gms1mic

I’m not really that big on podcasts to be perfectly honest, but just recently I’ve discovered one that suits me perfectly.  2gms1mic is an informal-toned podcast that has a lot of interesting insights from the point of view of two avid GMs and players.

I don’t exactly remember just when I ran into this particular podcast, but after listening to a single episode, I was hooked.  Hearing the two hosts go on with their insights on topics is definitely informative, but what I did like about these guys is that they have a lot of enthusiasm.  The show is carried on the backs of this sort of positive tone as they don’t spend a lot of time hating on things, as much as harping on the kind of games that let them have the most fun.

In a time where there’s always someone complaining about something, this sort of podcast is refreshing.  I enjoy their tone, the shows are long-ish but never drag on for far too long.  They’re at episode 8 so far, but it looks like they’re starting to gain a lot of momentum, and I’m looking forward to their next episode.

Check 2gms1mic over at http://2gms1mic.com/ and take some time to comment on their posts or tell them if you like their work.  Podcasting isn’t easy, and I’m sure that they’ll appreciate any kind words and support coming their way.

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