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[HEX] Actual Play Report #2 Knocking on the Gates of Guan Yu

Oookay, where to begin?  Well, first off yesterday’s session was simultaneously one of the strangest games I have ever run, while being one with a remarkable amount of coordination between the players.  The teamwork of the group was interesting and resulted in overcoming a whole bunch of challenges without so much as breaking a sweat.

Right, so as with before, let’s take a look at the (suddenly larger) roster of characters:

  • Catherine Ashford (played by Silver Countess) – A Biology Professor in Columbia University with a mysterious past, and a pet baby dinosaur named Polly.  Often mistaken for a minor due to her looks.
  • Elliot “Elly” Tremayne (played by Rvelasco) – A brilliant, if condenscending Linguist and Historian out to prove his grandfather’s theory of a “Proto-Civilization” true to the stodgy bastards of the academe.
  • Darwin (played by Hikkikomori) – Fearsome and mysterious “Epicurean Adventurer” who travels the world to find exotic ingredients to subdue with his bare hands, consume posthaste and document maybe sometime when he gets around to it.
  • Nathan (Played by Tarathiel23) – Gentleman thief and confidence man who provides the group with the questionable skills necessary to do the more illegal actions necessary to the mission of the Foundation.
  • Carter (Played by Mappy) – Occult Investigator and perhaps disturbingly callous Necromancer, Carter gives the team their much needed occult insight and the occasional zombie.
  • Leaf-In-Midnight (Played by Pao) – A Native American former construction worker turned assassin, Leaf is deeply spiritual, remarkably skilled in climbing, and tends to have difficulty communicating with the group.

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