Describe YOUR Pointyman and win the Smallville RPG!

Welcome to this month’s RPG giveaway contest!

We’ve got the Smallville RPG by Margaret Weis Productions in PDF format up for grabs for one lucky reader of the Life and Times of the Philippine Gamer.

Joining is simple, take my internet handle “Pointyman” and envision what kind of superhero would have that code name?  Write it up in the comments below and make it stand out!

The most creative, funny or outrageous description of Pointyman will win the code for the download.  So get your thinking caps on, and let your imaginations run wild!

This contest ends on Thursday, next week, July 21st.

10 thoughts on “Describe YOUR Pointyman and win the Smallville RPG!

  1. The unholy communion between human woman Linda Bagels and a mutated echidna has given life to poor Buster Bagels. Buster, who was born covered with semi-pliant quills, has since lived in sad isolation because of his skin condition.

    His mother died shortly after his 16th birthday, of hemorrhaging that the doctors told him to be the result of since-then-latent complications brought about by childbirth.

    Even more alone, Buster decided to retreat to the city sewers to live out the rest of his miserable life in self-pity and Fallout Boy songs–until one day he heard the echoes of screaming. He investigates to find a nubile redhead about to get assaulted by a grotesque humanoid platypus. With more than a moment’s hesitation, he finally decides that this does not turn him on so he intervenes, bashing the offending monotreme with a traffic pylon that he put over his fist. The both girl and platypus run in fear.

    Since then, Buster Bagels has adopted both the pylon knuckle and the name Pointyman as he patrols the sewers for other mutated rapists.

  2. Pointyman was an average office worker until one day, the universe decided to point its galactic finger at him.

    A giant meteor crashed into his poorly-maintained and overpriced apartment while he was away in his 9 to 5. Upon returning to the burning wreck that was his home, Pointyman mourned the loss of his worldly possessions seeing only their remains and the large dent on the Earth’s crust that the space debris has left in its wake. His unbridled rage, combined with his exposure to the unadulterated rays of billions of stars passed by the wayward meteor, has granted him, abilities beyond that of his mortal ilk.

    Just like how destiny and the universe gave him a pointed sign, he too, upon performing a pointing action, cause debris to fall upon unsuspecting targets of his ire. In the absence of tall, shoddy structures, the person that incurred his wrath will suffer a spectrum of irritating discomfort, ranging from a series of multiple explosions like that of a supernova until a sudden sucking emptiness that is metaphysically compared to that of a black hole, emanating from their liver. Demanding satisfaction, he can also insert a suggestive course of action on a less than willful individual by pointing at them at close proximity and yelling his demands at the top of his lungs.

    Now, wearing a sharp suit, and a 800 peso haircut, he strides confidently in the streets of Manila writing the wrongs of the current social and judicial system of the country.

  3. Hector was a good man. He had a wife and three kids and worked at a government lab as a research technician. His specialty was in aeronautics and he took pride in developing the latest and greatest in air technology. He would speak to his children about the things that he could, telling them that “Daddy makes things fly.”
    His most recent project was working with semi-liquid alloys that could alter shape in order to minimize drag, or adjust other flight characteristics dynamically. The alloys were extremely light and versatile but at the same time exceptionally durable. Hector felt that they would soon make a significant breakthrough with the metal.
    One evening as he was preparing to leave, he noticed someone he didn’t recognize working in the lab. Hector knew everyone down to the janitorial staff and immediately went over to address the individual. It appeared that they were going to take some samples of the alloy, a normally routine procedure. When Hector confronted the individual, the person quickly started moving away. Hector pursued and the thief turned and shot Hector, causing him to fall into the alloy vat.
    Hector assumed he was done for and wished he could see his family again and especially his three year old daughter. It was then that he noticed a curious thing. The liquid alloy, instead of drowning him was bonding to him and entering his body through the bullet wound. He soon found that he could get up and was amazed to find that the alloy had completely coated him and felt as though it was in him as well. He found that his shape was reacting to his concious and unconscious thoughts. He finally went home very late. When he showed his wife and children what had happened, one of his sons said “It’s just like you became a superhero dad!”
    After much talk with his wife about this comment, Hector decided that a superhero would be a good choice for him. His body was extremely durable and he could mold additions to his body as necessary. While he was not capable of independent flight, he could glide well and used his aeronautics knowledge to create a rocket pack he could use to propel himself. When he told his kids what his plan was, he asked them for suggestions of what he should be called. His boys were full of ideas: “Silver Wing”, “Rocketman”, and “Metallo” among others. He asked his daughter what she thought he should be called and she chewed her lip for a moment before suggesting “Pointyman”. Her brothers laughed and asked why she would pick something so silly. She replied “he has pointy wings and makes his hands pointy to fight.” Hector decided that he wanted to honor her and took the name of Pointyman for his new career as a hero.

    Pointyman powers
    Ability to change shape (limited to additions to his natural frame with a total volume of 4 ft^3)
    Rocket pack which allows flight

    Pointyman usually uses his morphing powers to alter his shape to allow gliding. When fighting, his alloys distribute themselves as self repairing body armor. He normally fights with spiked fists but has been known to form more complex forms, including sword and shield. He wears no clothes, instead using his unconscious mind to create appropriate coverings. Hector continues working at the research lab to try and understand his powers and limitations as well as provide for his family.

  4. Super Hero Statistics:

    Name: PointyMan
    Bio: A slim and scrawny figure with no strength what-so-ever.
    Super-Power: Always erect, which impresses the chicks.


    I remember my first post here. I think you sent it to me on YM during work. LOL

    The post was about pulp gaming back in July 20, 2007. Damn talk about a long time ago.

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