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[HEX] Character Concepts Coming In

After last weekend’s announcement that I’ll be putting the Awakening High campaign on hold due to my inability to come up with something sufficiently interesting for it due to stress, I’ve asked my players to go and start working on their characters for the Hollow Earth Expedition Campaign I pitched.  So far the response has been good, with interesting character concepts coming in, each of which could work in the context of the globe-trotting pulp campaign I had in mind.  No final names yet on these but the concepts are:

  • An adopted (and orphaned) young woman of a mysterious background who has a pet Dinosaur
  • A fearsome adventurer and gourmand who goes to the corners of the earth to hunt down and eat some of the most exotic creatures he can find
  • A driven and somewhat condescending linguist with an obsession for finding evidence of a proto-civilization that predated human history
  • A daring and expert thief who doesn’t really understand why is it he was requested to join this particular crew to begin with, but hey, the pay is good.

Overall, not bad for a group of people sent to the ends of the earth to investigate the strange and the unknown.  A few NPCs could help fill in the remaining gaps of the crew and I’ll be more than ready to run stuff for this team.

To prepare, I’ve been checking out possible sources of inspiration and trying to put together a great opening session that will kick off this campaign on a high note rather than the slow plodding sessions I often end up having when I start a campaign.  Hopefully I’ll have the kind of motivation I need to push this campaign on to something awesome and wrap it up in a fashion that my players will enjoy.

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