Supporting a Kickstarter: Land of Seed and Blossom for Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade

Posted: July 12, 2011 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Roleplaying Games

After checking out and reviewing Part-Time Gods from Third Eye Games, I decided to do some checking with regards to their other work.  Tommy Brownell of The Most Unread Blog on the Internet. Ever. reviewed an earlier work called Wu Xing: the Ninja Crusade.

Intrigued by the idea of an entire RPG revolving around playing different super-powered Ninjas in the vein of the fantastic Ninja Scroll anime, I decided to give it a look:

The War Has Begun

The Emperor has called for blood! All ninja of the Izou Empire face the crushing might of their own nation. Where once there was peace, now there is only destruction and death. The ninja are forced to fight back, wielding the ancient art of chi manipulation alongside their shuriken and katana. Empire soldiers pack their own secret weapons to combat ninja wushu… powerful firearms.
The ninja of the realm have assembled into their own army, the Lotus Coalition. Together, they hope to take down the Empire and stop the reign of destruction upon the people of the land. That is if they can overcome centuries old feuds and
rivalries that could destroy them from within!

This Book Includes:

– A guide to the Izou Empire and the machinations behind their Ninja Crusade.
– Information on all the Empire’s major cities and landmarks
– Rules for playing any one of the 10 most influential Ninja Clans, like the Recoiling Serpents or the Virtuous Body Gardeners
– Easy-to-learn, flexible character creation rules.
– Fully immersive mechanics and 11 Fighting Styles make combat an intense experience.
– Complete rules for 20 Wushu paths, celestial animals and tips on crafting your own ninja stories.”

It seems interesting enough, and I have to admit that seeing the cover did bring back some memories of the Kindred of the East books from White Wolf, a game line that I had not had a chance to really get into, as back then I was still a student and was saving everything I had to collect Mage: the Ascension.

I’ve always enjoyed this particular genre, having read Basilisk, The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls and watched Ninja Scrolls and Sword of the Stranger (yes, I know he’s a Ronin swordsman rather than a ninja, but it’s still cool.)  I haven’t really paid much attention to Naruto, but I am quite aware of the series, having had several friends who told me all about the cool (and not so cool) powers they have.

Having read Part-Time Gods, I felt that I could trust Eloy Lasanta with my money on another game.  This was when I heard that there was a supplement coming out that was being financed via a Kickstarter model.  I dropped by the Kickstarter Page for Land of Seed and Blossom, and decided to pledge an amount in support for it.  This means, of course, that I won’t be able to check out Wu Xing until August, but at least I’ll be able to get it all in one fell swoop.

Looking forward to it!

  1. Anthony says:

    Wow, had I known about this I’d probably have given them some cash instead of making my silly little game. Ah well 😀 This looks interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Eloy Lasanta says:

      Nah, Anthony. Wu Xing is a serious setting and like other traditional RPGs that are meant to tell long stories. Your’s is a satire and meant to be played in short bursts. I think they’ll fit nicely side by side. 😉

  2. Hikkikomori says:

    For shame.
    You have forgotten to mention the greatest ninja anime of all –

    Flame of Recca.


    Nanka shiawase~

    • Flame of Recca is not even a real ninja, he’s a “ninja” by virtue of genetics. His mommy being a mystical time traveling ninja, he somehow ends up in modern times adopted into a family that makes fireworks.

      So yeah, you have a kid with capable combat abilities with a penchant for arson. I guess being a delinquent teaches you to start fighting like a ninja. Seriously. I still remember the first episode where he runs off by jumping on top of wall and jogging away–ala Ranma.

      Flame of Recca isn’t about Ninja’s -with- magic. He’s a Magical Ninja. 😛

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