Daily Archives: July 11, 2011

Planning for Hollow Earth Expedition

Well, after my brain breaking down yet again during a game session, I decided to shelve Awakening High for now (not an easy decision, mind you) and run something that doesn’t need me to be firing on all cylinders in terms of planning and personal horror.  Instead, I’ll fall back to a genre that I’m very comfortable with, and can run with the least amount of trouble for my players.

So, Hollow Earth Expedition it is.  Pulp is a comfortable genre for me, like sitting on a favorite chair.  I’m aware of various flavors of pulp and I can swing the mood of the game from various tones depending on what the players want.  That said I had them all working together as part of a group mainly because I didn’t want to wait too long for people to bother with the whole “let’s meet up and be suspicious of each other for six sessions” that tends to happen a lot.

Pulp is a game that is punchy (figuratively and literally) and easy to get into.  If I want personal stories, I can slip them in with no one the wiser, but if I don’t think I can pull off something brilliant in that particular session, I can always switch gears and throw a few Nazis for them to punch.

I’m actually looking forward to it. Maybe a change of tone and a lighter, less pressured game is what I need.

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