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[Mage: the Awakening] Awakening High Actual Play – Why, Hallow There!

After the postponed game last week due to a storm, I’m back to running the Awakening High campaign.  Today’s episode was the second part of a two sessions story arc that revolves around the first test that was given to the various student cabals to complete.  But before we continue, let’s go over the Player Characters:

Cabal Name: Chimera

  • Marie Isabella Elizabeth Victoria King, Shadow Name: Belladonna (Silver Countess) – A rebellious delinquent Thyrsus “Witch” with Goth fashion leanings
  • Alexander Espada, Shadow Name: Visa (Hikkikomori) – A terribly spoiled multi-millionaire Mastigos student
  • Patrick Guthrapali, Shadow Name: Rajah (Mappy) – A tough Obrimos kid from a tough neighborhood that recently got moved into St. Germain upon Awakening
  • Aniese, Shadow Name: Nyx (Sheimaruen) – A mysterious eurasian Obrimos transfer student who just made it to St. Germain to acquire the skills that she needs to further pursue her rather larcenous career.

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