Being A Little Selfish As A Player

Posted: June 29, 2011 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Roleplaying Games

When I’m playing in a campaign, there are a few things that I often find myself wanting to say out loud to the GM running the game.  I don’t mean to offend or belittle anyone with these, but I feel that I have to come out and say it if I want to have any chance of actually enjoying the campaign:

  1. I would rather be a participant than an observer – If something is happening in the game, I don’t want to be there to witness NPCs duking it out.  Yes, they’re cool.  Yes, they’ve got awesome powers.  Yes, I’m sitting here on my ass watching all of this unfold because my character doesn’t matter. Let’s face it, if the player characters aren’t the ones getting shit done… then we might as well be furniture.
  2. I may bitch and moan, but I *like* getting in trouble – This is God’s honest truth.  Getting in trouble is part of the fun.  I don’t mind rolling poorly if it means I get into interesting situations.  I’ll complain about it and blame the dice, but in the end I’m okay.  I know it’s a game and I trust that no matter what happens I can rely on you to put my character in an interesting situation.
  3. Tell me when I’m doing it wrong – I am not the best player on earth.  Sometimes, I can genuinely be stumped.  Or, I could be chasing after the world’s most obvious red herring.  But when I’m really really wrong and I’m completely out of the trail of the investigation, tell me.  I’ll appreciate it and move on rather than obsessing over something useless.
  4. Please don’t run if we never had a chance to begin with – Here’s an old nutshell.  I remember My First Cleric ™ never had a chance in the world.  Shouldn’t have even bothered.  If a campaign or my character’s fate is a foregone conclusion, write a book.  I’d much rather read your story than end up having to supply dialogue to someone’s Choose Your Own Adventure Book.

I believe that player feedback is crucial to be able to tailor a game to a group.  Constructive feedback, with things that will help point out what makes a game good, and what makes it crap is absolutely necessary for any group, even ones with experienced players and GMs to fine tune their experience into something good.


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