Coming Soon: Hollow Earth Expedition

Posted: June 27, 2011 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Campaign Design, Hollow Earth Expedition, Roleplaying Games

It’s been decided!

After the ongoing Awakening High Campaign, the next game that I will be running for my gaming group is none other than Exile Games’ Hollow Earth Expedition.  I’m particularly excited about this chance to run this game, since I’ve only ever managed to run two earlier Pulp games.  One in HERO and the other using White Wolf’s old Adventure! RPG.

My idea is to basically run a globe-trotting adventure pulp game where the players represent a group dedicated to the discovery and preservation of the rare phenomena of the world.  Their enemies will be numerous, from groups interested in exploiting these discoveries for power and profit, to other hazards like unfriendly natives, the occasional magical / supernatural guardian, and natural hazards.

Conspiracies, weird powers, zany inventions and the other staples of Pulp fiction will still be there, with the occasional nod towards H.P. Lovecraft’s lore, but without the nihilistic world view.  I’m a big fan of various world cultures, so I’ll be plumbing the depths of as many native cultures I can to make things interesting for my players.

My objective is to create a campaign that plays up the fact that the world is a weird place with many mysteries that have yet to be discovered.  Crystal Skulls, Atlantis, Pyramids, Sinkholes, the Bermuda Triangle, Shangri-La, the disappearance of the Aztecs, The Terracota Army, Cryptids, Psychic Powers, Orichalcum, Alien Abductions, Teleportation, The Marianas Trench, Cryptoarchaeology, The Baddhad Batteries and various other things are all part of this setting, an like the Hollow Earth, they might all be real.

What thrills me about Pulp is the fact that it thrives on making discoveries.  While I’m big on consequences as a GM, it doesn’t deaden me to the joys of first contact, of the idea of running into something that nobody else has before, and making the crucial choices to make sure that you protect this discovery (or obscure it) for the betterment of humanity and the world at large.

It’s an optimistic campaign, in a time where going out on adventure was admirable, and the joy of discovery wasn’t lost to us.  In many ways, this is the campaign where players truly play Adventurers, and I can’t wait for us to begin.

  1. Geek Gazette says:

    HEX is in my top all time 3 favorite RPGs. Not only are the books gorgeous, but the system is super easy and fun as well. I’ve only ran it a few times, but I can’t wait to do it again.
    I’ve heard that their Mars sourcebook is due out around Gen Con. I’m really excited about that.

  2. (^___________________^)

    Yes, I am happy. And yes, I am excited as heck.

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