[BADASS Zombies!] Design Diary – My First Supplement

Posted: June 24, 2011 by pointyman2000 in Articles, BADASS, Game Design, Roleplaying Games

BADASS Zombies! Has officially kicked off and I’ve already started writing the first draft.  One of the interesting things about this is that I’m technically writing my very first supplement to a game I’ve created.  It feels very different from designing a corebook since this time, I have to worry about something else aside from making sure that the rules work.

Instead, the focus for BADASS Zombies! is to expand on what makes BADASS fun, by adding the kind of options that help players have more fun.  Whether these are new Flavas, new opponents, a new setting or interesting new rules, all these additional options should make things more enjoyable rather than confusing.  One of the problems that are usually associated with supplements is that they tend to add too much fat in the form of complex new sub-systems that end up hurting the core experience by making things difficult to remember on the fly.

Already I’ve begun outlining the systems that I’m thinking of adding and will be scrutinizing them one by one.  Hopefully with enough playtesting, I can keep only the most amusing, and intuitive and weed out the ones that exist merely because I was feeling clever.

I’m considering farming out the cover art for BADASS Zombies! to someone who can do good colored art.  If you guys know of an artist who can do a BADASS job (and accepts commissioned work) drop me a line, and I’ll take a look.  I want to make this expansion to be something that will make BADASS Zombies! something that people will be glad to pick up.

  1. Seb says:

    I’m a frequent reader here and an artist as well. I also downloaded BADASS and read it. Check out my gallery to see if you like my style. I have some cartoony zombies in there but I can do realistic one too.

    I’m sure I can pull something off if you are not in a hurry.


    • Hi Seb!

      That’s some awesome work you’ve got there! I’ll have to think hard on what kind of style I want for BADASS Zombies, but you can be sure that I’ll send you an email so we can talk things over. Thanks for pointing me to your gallery!

  2. bob says:

    Has this project been abandoned?

    • Hi Bob,

      The project is in hiatus at the moment. A mix of Real Life issues has derailed this, but I’m hoping to get things back on track possibly by folding in zombies with a whole bunch of fixes and add-on content to the original BADASS core

  3. bob says:

    Awesome, hope your issues turn out for the best.

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