Campaign Buffet: Deadlands: Reloaded

Posted: June 23, 2011 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Deadlands Reloaded!, Roleplaying Games, Savage Worlds

Now here’s a game that hasn’t done me any wrong.

Deadlands: Reloaded! powered by the popular rules-medium Savage Worlds ruleset is one of those games that just exudes flavor.  As a fan of Westerns and weird pulp elements, this game is a perfect fit for the kind of game that I can run in my sleep.

I’ve always enjoyed the setting for Deadlands, and there’s an enormous mine of inspirational material from all over the place.  Western movies are easy enough to find and many of my players are quite amused by the setting as well.

Savage Worlds is a good system, and the Adventure Deck goes a long way to mixing things up and keeping the GM on his toes.  In some ways it serves as a way to remind the GM to not rely too much on a plot that he expects players to follow.  Better to just think of a situation and unleash the players on it and roll with the punches while giving back a few surprises of your own.

I don’t have a solid pitch for this just yet, but there’s always a neat little cliche or two I can rely on.  Waking up hogtied and inside an empty railroad car hitched to an abandoned train headed straight for a ravine is always a good one to get everyone on the same track (pardon the pun.)  It’s not original, but it gets the job done.

  1. Hello there,

    I’m pretty new to Savage Worlds as I’ve only recently gotten back into gaming. I was wondering if you could elaborate of the Adventure Deck and what role it plays. Is it a Deadlands specific item?

    • Hi there!

      The Adventure Deck is a Savage Worlds product that can be used for any Savage Worlds game. It’s essentially a deck of cards with neat little effects that the players can play to gain an advantage or introduce an element to the current situation. Here’s an example:

      Turncoat: Your hero somehow convinces or bribes a minor foe to perform a small favor – such as helping the hero escape, revealing the location of the “boss” etc.

      A player who drew this card at the start of the game could use this when he needs it should a situation come up where it can be helpful. No roll necessary, he has the card, it happens. This of course takes a bit of narrative control from the GM who might find that his plan could be changed by the introduction of this unknown element, which might turn some GMs off. I personally enjoy being surprised by what my players pull off with these cards and I would include them in any Savage Worlds game I would run.

      If you’re interested, the PDF version of the deck is available at:

      Some official Savage Worlds settings also have a few additional adventure cards specific to their settings. Deadlands is one of them. For those, PEG gives them out as free downloads over at

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