[HERO 6th] Campaign Necromancy? XCONS

Posted: June 20, 2011 by pointyman2000 in Articles, HERO, Roleplaying Games

While my Awakening High campaign is still ongoing, I’m looking at possible candidates for what I could be running next after this campaign. Already the other GMs in my group are already doing prep work, one for a potential Cthulhutech game, and the other for an Exalted game featuring the Alchemical Exalted. That got me thinking as I would need a campaign concept to use as well and I’ve been going over possibilities.

All this week, I’ll be putting up possible campaign options for the next round of games, as well as my thoughts on how I might run it. The focus for this round is to be a little bit selfish, as it were. These are games where I feel most relaxed and confident and where I am fairly certain that I will have fun.


Way, way back Rvelasco, one of our group’s GMs pitched for a HERO space opera / supers game called XCONS.  Alas, due to scheduling conflicts and system difficulties the campaign was benched in favor of a different game.

Rather than let this campaign slip into obscurity, I figured, why don’t I give it a shot?  XCONS was a good idea, packed with potential to be an interesting campaign. Flawed protagonists, an interesting premise and mission-based format, there was a lot that could be gained from that sort of setup.

That said I might make a few tweaks towards the XCONS campaign to suit my own GMing style. Furthermore, we’ll be upgrading to the new HERO 6th Edition ruleset, using the Basic Rules for now (hence avoiding many of the STOP sign and “!” powers altogether.)

I’ll need to go over my 6th Edition pdfs for now since the character point budget is different from that of the 5th Edition. There’s also a lot of other tweaks that may need to be spelled out to make sure that character creation goes off without a hitch.


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