[BADASS Zombies!] Game Design Musing

BADASS is a game that opens up to so many possibilities that it was very difficult to pick which genre to take on first.  That said Zombies are always a crowd favorite and there is definitely nothing lame about blowing up the undead with a shotgun.

But given the glut of zombie-related games and entertainment, BADASS has to be more than just a simple expansion.  I’ve been mulling it over in my head for a few days now, and here’s what I’ve got so far.  The Zombie Expansion for BADASS will have:

  • New Flavas – A BADASS without Flava is not BADASS at all.  Zombie BADASS also will include Flavas only available to the undead, giving the GMs more than just a few surprises that they can throw at their players.
  • New Setting – Central City is nice for games about punching thugs in the face, but a zombie outbreak deserves it’s own little slice of hell.
  • New ArtworkDax Xenos Tee from the original BADASS has agreed to work with me on the Zombie Expansion
  • Genre Specific Rules – Zombie Infection, Weak Spots, maybe even Paranoia mechanics
  • A Complete Zombie Outbreak Mini-Game that uses the BADASS core rules, and can be used as either a GM tool, or a stand-alone outbreak simulator.

I’m actually considering putting this thing out as an IndieGoGo project.  As soon as the project earns enough, then the project is released to the world under a Creative Commons License.  With your generosity, the whole world gets to enjoy another dose of sheer BADASS!

What do you guys think?  Would you be willing to help fund this BADASS expansion for the good of the world?

2 thoughts on “[BADASS Zombies!] Game Design Musing

  1. New Flava: Freerunning
    Spend a BP, ignore terrain penalties.

    Can be taken by BADASSes and Zombies! alike.

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